A Comparison of Charge Time for Electric Skateboards

A Comparison of Charge Time for Electric Skateboards – how long does they take to get charged?

Since an electric skateboard is a battery-driven gadget, Charge Time for Electric Skateboards is something which is considered to be vital. So, before buying yourself one, you must know how long would your desired skateboard take to get charged.

Most of the electric skateboards usually take around 2 to 5 hours to get fully charged. Basically, the charging time of a skateboard depends on two factors; one is the battery size and the other is the output power of the charger. So, it means that the charging time for different electric skateboard models is not the same and varies from model to model.

If you want to buy an electric skateboard for daily commutes and running errands, then you should rather choose one that takes a little time to get fully charged. However, most of the users nowadays demand skateboards with powerful motors and longer ranges. The longer the range and more powerful the motor is, the bigger would be the battery, and hence, longer would be the charging time. Therefore, the electric skateboard brands have taken this demand of users into notice and are now offering “fast chargers”. These chargers have higher power outputs which lessen the charging time of a battery. If you want to buy the best long range electric skateboard read this complete guide to know each and everything you should know before buying an extraordinary electric longboard for yourself.

How long does it take for an electric skateboard to get fully charged?

After some careful analysis of some modern electric skateboards, I have made a table for quick comparison of charging time and the presence or absence of fast chargers among those models.

I have mentioned, “already in the box” for those models that come with a fast charger. The battery capacities have also been stated in Watt-hours (Wh) for your ease. I hope this would be quite helpful for you and if I have missed any model that you think should NOT be missed then my apologies!

Comparison Chart of Charge Time for Electric Skateboards

Electric Skateboard Model Charging Time Faster Charger Available Battery Size in Watt Hours (Wh)
Acton Blink S2 1 hr 30 min No 160 Wh
Acton Blink Qu4tro 3 hrs No 240 Wh
Aeboard AE1 3 – 5 hrs No 227 – 454 Wh
Aeboard AT2 3 – 7 hrs No 288 – 576 Wh
Aeboard GT 5 hrs No 504 Wh
Backfire Galaxy G2t 2 hrs 30 min already in box 216 Wh
Backfire Ranger X1 5 hrs 30 min already in box 504 Wh
Bioboard Thorium X No info already in box 704 Wh
Boosted Mini S 1 hrs 15 min No 99 Wh
Boosted Mini X 1 hrs 45 min No 199 Wh
Boosted Plus 1 hrs 45 min No 199 Wh
Boosted Stealth 1 hrs 45 min No 199 Wh
Enertion Raptor 2.1 3 hrs No 432 Wh
Evolve GTR 4-5 hrs already in box 504 Wh
Evolve GTX 4-5 hrs Yes –  2.5 hrs 360 Wh
Evolve GT 2-5 hrs Yes 234 – 360 Wh
Exway X1 Pro 2  hrs 45 min Yes – 1 hrs 10 min 193 Wh
Inboard M1 1 hrs 30 min No 97 Wh
Lacroix DSS50+ 3 hrs 30 min In box 786 Wh
Majestic Pro 2 hrs 30 min No 250 Wh
Meepo NLS 2 hrs 30 min Yes 180 – 288 Wh
Meepo NLS Pro 2 hrs 30 min Yes 336 Wh
Meepo City Rider 4 hrs 45 min No 504 Wh
Meepo V3 No info Yes 144 – 288 Wh
MetroboardX 5 hrs already in box 576 Wh
Mellow Drive/ Board 3 hrs 30 min Yes – 45 min 99 Wh
OneWheel + XR No info Yes – 1hr 324 Wh
OneWheel Pint No info No no official info
Ownboard W2 2 – 3 hrs already in box 324 Wh
Ownboard W1S 2- 3 hrs already in box 144 – 292 Wh
Riptide Boards 3 – 5 hrs Yes | 90 – 180 min 97 – 199 Wh
Starkbaord 2 hrs No 208 Wh
Teamgee Boards 2 hrs No 126 Wh
Verreal V1S 5 hrs Yes – 3hrs 157 – 302  Wh
WowGo 3 2 hrs 30 min No 216 Wh
WowGo 2S 2 – 4 hrs No 144 – 306 Wh

Kindly note that the charging time is actually the time that a skateboard needs to get fully charged. The charging rate is non-linear, for instance, if it takes 2 hours to get fully charged then you can get 80% charging in approximately 45 minutes.

Basic information for correctly charging your e-board

You can charge your electric skateboard just like your smartphone – it’s really easy!

  • Step 1: Take your skateboard and your charger. Make sure that you have the right charger that came with your model.
  • Step 2: Plug the charger into the electrical power supply at your home or wherever you are charging your e-board. A green light in most of the skateboards lightens up on the charger which depicts that your charger is connected to the power socket.
  • Step 3: Now put the connector of the charger (that you have already plugged into the power supply) into the charging port of your skateboard. The location of charging ports differs for brands and models. However, it is usually located on the lower side of the deck. Read the user manual if you fail to find it in your model. After making the connection to the charging port, make sure that the light should turn red which shows that your skateboard is now charging.
  • Step 4: When the battery gets fully charged, the charger will again display a green light. Unplug your charger from the socket and now, your skateboard is ready to go! So simple. Isn’t it?

For charging, electric skateboards require electrical chargers which are actually the AC adapters. These chargers can be plugged into the power sockets available at your home. The charger is basically responsible for converting the voltage and current from the power source into the usable power for the equipment that is an electric skateboard in our case. The skateboard chargers usually provide power output in between 50 and 200 watts and the most common chargers give an 84-watt power output.

Some Charger information

  • • Input: 100~240V-50/60Hz 1.8A.
  • • Output: 42V 2A
  • • EU Standard, UK standard, or US Standard Plug Is Subject to Your Destination Country.

Electrical chargers should have an Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL) certification.

What do we mean by fast chargers for electric skateboards?

These are in fact the chargers that provide greater power output to the electric skateboards. They sometimes offer 200 watts or even more power output, which is far greater than an 84 watts normal charger.

9 tips for the charging of your electric skateboard!

  • Keep in mind that your skateboard can be charged with regenerative braking.
  • The charging rate is non-linear, that is, if it takes 2 hours to get fully charged then you can get 80% charging in approximately 45 minutes. This means that the battery status will be significantly big even for short charging times.
  • Always use the brands’ original (or recommended) chargers and adapters that are compatible with your board’s battery. This will prevent your battery from overcharging and damages due to short circuits.
  • Don’t forget to cool your battery a little before charging and do not use it right after the recharging.
  • Electric skateboards generally have the battery management chip that does not allow overcharging or discharging too far. That’s how tech works!
  • If you ride your skateboard a lot then it may require frequent charging. So, buying a second charger for your workplace or your friends’ place might make it easy for you.
  • Make sure that your skateboard has a 40-50% battery status when you decide to put it in storage for a few months.
  • A temperature of 5 to 20° Celsius (41 °F to 68 °F) is ideal for storage.
  • Keep your battery away from heat or a temperature above 60 °C (140 °F) or else, it will significantly get damaged.

Additional questions

Is it costly to charge an electric skateboard?

The electrical commuting gadgets compared to combustion engine driven automobiles are quite cheap to run which is pretty good for your pocket. If you travel in your own car or hire a taxi then it will consume some certain amount of petrol that may be burdensome for you. Gasoline is a limited resource and its price might increase with its growing demand. On the other hand, electricity comes from sustainable means and is principally limitless.

An electric skateboard uses electricity to get charged which will cost you approximately 1 to 18 cents (US dollars) on average. The cost actually depends on your electricity price rate and the battery capacity of your skateboard which is usually 90 to 500 Watt-hour. The price of electricity, however, differs substantially across the globe. On average, the residential consumer price of electricity is between 10 to 40 cents (US dollar) per kilowatt-hour.

How often should electric skateboards be charged?

You should make sure to charge your electric skateboard’s battery regularly as not charging it periodically might result in a decrease in its lifetime. You can store your lithium-ion battery for a longer period of time if you make sure to discharge it to optimally 40%. Moreover, recharging your battery after every 6 months would be beneficial to preserve 40-50% of the battery status.

For how much time does a skateboard battery last?

The maintenance of the board and battery matters a lot! If you maintain your standard Lithium-ion battery properly then it will last 300-1000 charge cycles before dropping to 80%. This means that your battery will last for about 1-3 years if you use your skateboard on a daily basis. Basically, the battery’s lifespan is dependent on the number of charging cycles a battery takes before the capacity drops. Moreover, rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries have limited life and lose their capacity continuously. If you want to read more about how long does an electric skateboard battery last? Read this updated guide.

Final Words

Now is the time to conclude. I truly hope that you will find this article to be informative and that it will help you in choosing an electric skateboard that is best suited for you. Happy skating!

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