Are Electric Skateboards Safe?

Are Electric Skateboards Safe? – and How to reduce the e-skateboards danger

With the passage of time, electric skateboards are becoming famous. People are engaging with this electric commuting device frequently. So it is necessary to address its safety measurements to give a safe and joyful skateboarding experience.

According to our consideration, electric skateboards are quite safe to ride but it also depends on your riding skills or skateboarding style. An electric skateboard is quite fast and can be dangerous if you are a beginner or do not have the skills to operate such a fast machine. To ensure safe electric skateboarding there are few safety measures that you should be practicing before or while using these fast electric skateboards. To obtain the best and thrilling but safest skateboarding experience.

Most of the time these electric longboards are ridden on the road or hard surface. So, it is quite a chance to have some major injuries, in case of an accident. Therefore we recommend you strictly follow these safety measures.

These electric skateboards are immensely rapid, the torque and the acceleration power will surprise you instantly. People are attracted to this rapid electric machine very often, but these skateboards can prove dangerous with a little carelessness. So, there are some safety measurements to reduce the risk factor and make it easy and enjoyable for the skateboarders.

In this article, we will be enlightened on each possible step that will help you to do risk-free skateboarding. But before jumping into it, we will discuss some of the worst scenarios of an e-skateboard crash and accident. So, stay tuned.

What are the worst scenarios of e-skateboard crashes?

As we have discussed earlier, an electric skateboard is a quite fast machine and it is possible to crash. But what are the common crash possibilities and scenarios? Following we have discussed the most common crash scenarios.

Riding beyond your skill level

It is always a good practice to accelerate these fast skateboards on the level that you could handle easily. It is observed that many beginners ride these skateboards on the advance speed mode that is the most common scenario of an electric skateboard crash.

Worst Scenarios of e-Skateboard Crashes - Are Electric Skateboards Safe

Remote control disconnects

This could be a horrible tragedy that the connection between the skateboard and handheld remote control. Two types of remote control disconnects we can face.

  • Sometimes we forget to recharge the remote battery. That results in the loss of connectivity between the remote control and the skateboard’s Bluetooth receiver.
  • Sometimes due to some technical distortion, the connection between the RC and the Bluetooth Receiver has lost. This might lead to an accident of an electric skateboard.


At night it is difficult to assume the exact ground or surface track so the chances of a crash have increased significantly. To avoid such incidents, you should use skateboards front and back led lights to ensure the safe skateboarding.

Riding too fast

Skateboarding is famous for its thrilling riding and fast speed. But sometimes people accelerate at the very high-speed level that can lead you to serious injuries. Always make sure you have to wear proper safety gear and have moderate speed so you could handle yourself if an incident happens.


The terrain is also a common scenario to have an electric longboard crash. Especially off-road terrain is very difficult as it has holes, cracks, and uneven surfaces that might be tough for you to ride a skateboard on such difficult tracks. So, we should not ride these electric skateboards as we ride on a plain and even surfaces.


It is another most common cause or scenario of an electric skateboard accident. In rain or wet conditions, skateboarding is too dangerous as they do not brake properly and do slippery while braking. So it is good to practice to not ride these scooters in wet or rainy conditions.


We have noticed, the number of accidents has significantly increased while riding these electric skateboards in the streets. Most people are not properly aware of this little speed master. And hit you by misjudging your skateboards speed and maneuverability. So we should keep distance while riding these longboards in the streets. Moreover, we should practice improving our riding skills especially in the streets and intense traffic situation.

13 best Safety tips to ride electric skateboards safely

Should wear protective gears

To save yourself from minor or major injuries, it is very important to wear proper gear before riding on this rapid machine. These safety gears like helmets, knee and elbow pads, and gloves and wrist guards protect essential body parts from major injuries.

Additional braking techniques

You have to learn the various other manual braking techniques in case, failure of the regenerative braking system. This will help you to secure your landing and save you from the crash.

Make sure your ( Remote & Skateboard ) batteries are charged.

It is very important to charge your both (Skateboard and remote control) batteries before starting your ride. As we have discussed earlier these electric scooters have rechargeable batteries and without power, you cannot accelerate or brake your skateboard. Similarly, for remote control without charging you will not be able to give or pass the signals towards the electronic speed controller for acceleration or brake.

Slow down when you see other people or vehicles

It is very obvious when you are riding on a vehicle you have to be careful and proactive towards your surroundings. Similarly, you have to be attentive while skateboarding. We can understand while riding on a speed machine you have to be focused on your riding but you have to be watchful towards traffic and personals too.

Note: Ride these skateboards at medium to high speed or you can stick to the medium speed limit in crowded areas. So, you can break immediately, if any false activity happens.

Tighten you back truck

It is a good practice to tighten your back truck regularly. If you are a beginner and want to touch its top limit, then it is likely to have speed wobbles occur in your ride. These speed shakes also happen due to the looseness of your back truck. So, it is good to tighten your back truck regularly or after every use if it’s possible.

Oil your bearings

It is a good idea to lubricate your skateboard’s ball bearings frequently. This lubrication will help your ball bearing to retain their performance.

Ride on biking paths

Always ride skateboards on the bike lanes. Do not go over the normal or heavy traffic pathways. This will make your ride safer.

Don’t ride beyond your skill level

By doing more practice you can become a pro skateboarder but till then make sure to ride skateboards according to your skill level. So do not ride skateboard Overspeed. In addition to this, always make the distance to the traffic and do not cross your ability/skill limits.

Don’t let inexperienced riders without help nor helmet on your e-board

Like above we have said do not ride electric skateboards beyond your skills but it is very difficult for an inexperienced rider to understand his riding ability. If you are a good pro skateboarder, you should educate them or give them some basic instructions about skateboarding and do not allow them to ride a skateboard without a helmet and other safety gear.

Be careful when letting young children ride

Again similarly, if your kid wants to ride an electric skateboard you should not allow him/her without wearing proper safety gear like helmet, gloves, wrist protector, elbow, and knee pads. Otherwise, this fast electric vehicle can prove dangerous for your kid.

Do basic maintenance regularly

In short, you have to do basic maintenance of your electric skateboard regularly to retain its good performance. You should check your brakes, remote control, and skateboard’s batteries, trucks, ball bearings, or even tighten all the screws to maintain the quality of your skateboard.

Final Words about Are Electric Skateboards Safe?

We have compiled this comprehensive guide to just clarify your misconceptions about the electric skateboards. We have covered various scenarios of electric skateboard accidents and the 13 best ways to ride electric skateboard safely. Like, you should wear protective gear, should ride on a biking path, do not ride e-skateboard to fast, do some of the basics Maintainance of your skateboard daily, and etc. We hope after reading this guide you will find satisfactory answers about all of your queries and misinterpretations. If you find this guide helpful, do let us know by commenting in the comment section. We will be grateful for your feedback.

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