Are Electric Skateboards Waterproof

The usage of electric skateboards is rapidly increasing with each passing day. So, it is compulsory to educate people about how to use/ride an electric skateboard. So we have compiled this comprehensive guide to give you detailed analysis about can you ride electric skateboards in the rain or are electric skateboards waterproof? So, stay tuned.

Are electric skateboards waterproof – Can you ride them in the rain?

A large number of waterproof electric skateboards are not entirely waterproof. But they are good water-resistant. These water-resistant electric skateboards can be ridden into the puddle’s rain. Heavy rain can damage its electronic instruments so avoid riding them into the high rainfall. Similarly do not ride your board onto the road that has water-filled holes. These water holes can splash a heavy amount of water to damage it’s electronic parts. While riding these skateboards in wet conditions can be harmful also, because of the slippery surface. On that slippery surface accelerating and braking can be dangerous, even on turns your electric skateboard can slip away. So, if you are a beginner, you should avoid riding these electric skateboards in the rain.

In addition to this, following you will read a comprehensive guide covering what things you should remember while riding these skateboards in the rain. To enhance your knowledge you will find the comparison table later in this article between waterproof electric skateboards and water-resistant electric skateboards. So, stay tuned.

Things you should remember while riding E-boards in the rain

As we have already discussed the danger of riding electric skateboards in the rain, now it’s time to give you a piece of knowledge about what things should look when you are riding these electric longboards in wet conditions.

Are your electric skateboards waterproof/water resistant?

The first and foremost important thing is to look at whether your skateboard is waterproof or water-resistant. Because the majority of the electric skateboards are not waterproof nor water-resistant. So it is quite dangerous to bring that type skateboard into the rainy/wet conditions. Your skateboards can be damaged due to water and companies do not claim/replace water damaged skateboards. So, it is better to check either you have water-resistant or waterproof electric longboard.

The grip on the Wet Road

The grip of the waterproof electric skateboards on the Wet Roads
It is also observed that in the rain, roads get wet. Therefore the friction level between the surface and the wheels goes down, as a result, you experience less grip of your skateboard on to the pavement. It is also understandable that electric skateboards have the wheels that are designed to ride on dry surfaces. So, these wheels do not transport water away, as a result, wheels lose their grip on the road. That might leads you to an incident so it is better to avoid riding these electric skateboards in wet weather.

The grip on you Board

Similarly, when the grip tap is wet you will experience less friction between your shoes and the grip tape. As a result, you will lose your grip immensely over the electric skateboards. That can cause a severe accident. So it is better to ride these boards in dry condition.

Wet shoes and Pants

It is obvious that electric skateboards do not have mudguards by default. By riding these electric skateboards on the wet roads lots of dirt and mud split over your shoes and clothes. So you should avoid riding them in the rain.


Puddles on the road can be very dangerous for your electric skateboards. Because, as we have mentioned above, many electric skateboards are not waterproof and are water-resistant, they are also in danger by these water puddles on the road. When you ride over these puddles. The chances of water damage increase significantly. So, it is good to avoid riding these electric skateboards in the rain.

Ball Bearing Maintenance

Ball Bearing Maintenance of the waterproof electric skateboards

Ball bearings are another essential part of your electric skateboards that work to bring smoothness during your ride. Moisture and water can affect them badly. As a result, not only your smooth-riding can be compromise but the life of the ball bearing can also be shortened.

First, you should avoid riding electric skateboards in the rain. If you have done riding make sure to clean or dry your board immediately after it. You should grease your bearings to extend their life.

Another solution is, you can use ceramic ball bearing instead of stainless steel. These ceramic bearing can not damage due to water and moisture so you do not worry about your bearing while riding your boards into the rain.

Protective Gears

Wear Protective Gear while riding waterproof electric skateboards
While riding your skateboards into the rain you have to be aware of dangers. So, to avoid such circumstances you should wear proper protective gear like helmets, elbow and knee pads, and gloves along with wrist protection. These safety gear can save you from severe injury. If you do not know what are the best helmets and safety pads? Do not worry we have published detailed buyer’s guide about best skateboard knee and elbow pads and best & safest skateboards helmets for your ease. So make sure you check out these guides too.

Water seal life span

Last but not least the water seal lifespan is 2 years minimum. So if your electric skateboard age is more than two years, you should be more careful while bringing it to the wet conditions.

How can we Differentiate between water-resistant and waterproof electric skateboards?

One thing is common in both waterproof and water-resistant electric skateboards: both of them are equipped with hub-motors. These hub motors are known as the most appropriate water-resistant motors. Hub motors are basically placed into the hub of the wheels. These wheel hubs are sealed with rubber seals that do not allow water to get into the wheel to damage the motor.

water resistant and waterproof electric skateboards

Another most authentic feature is an IP code to determine that a product is waterproof or water-resistant. According to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

The IP Code, International Protection Marking, IEC 60529, sometimes interpreted as Ingress Protection Marking, classifies and rates the degree of protection provided against intrusion (body parts such as hands and fingers), dust, accidental contact, and water by mechanical casings and electrical enclosures.

Good Water Resistant Electric Skateboards

A water-resistant skateboard can be ridden on the wet road with limited speed. But these water-resistant skateboards can not ride in heavy rain or on the road that has the water-filled holes. You also cannot drown these electric skateboards into the water. IP 55 is the IP code for the water-resistant hoverboard. So always check the IP code of the electric scooter before riding them into the rain. We recommend you use these skateboards in the dry condition so your e-longboard can last longer.

Following we have compiled a list of water-resistant skateboards.

  • Backfire boards
  • exway x1 pro (IP55)

Which electric skateboards are actually waterproof?

A waterproof electric skateboard can be submerged into the water for a certain time limit. If In this time frame, you do not find any drop of water into the internal infrastructure. Then we can call it a waterproof electric skateboard. Ip 65 is the IP code for a waterproof electric skateboard.
Following we have mentioned a list of good and professional waterproof electric skateboards in 2021.

  • Onan booster (IP 65)
  • Mellow (IP 65)
  • Maxfind Boards (IP 65)
  • Raptor 2 (IP 65)
  • Jed Board (IP 65)

Comparison Chart for Waterproof and water-resistant Electric skateboards.

no official information/ IP rating IP 54 IP 55 IP 65
Boosted Boards Inboard M1 Backfire Boards Enertion Raptor 2
Evolve Boards Exway X1 pro Jed Board
Wowgo Boards Maxfind Boards
Meepo Boards Mellow
AE Boards Onan booster
OneWheel Boards

Final Words have tried our best to give you complete and top quality information regarding waterproof and water-resistant electric skateboards. In this article we have listed information about are electric skateboard waterproof or water-resistant and what things we should consider while riding these e-boards in the rain. I hope, by reading this article you can easily judge are your electric skateboard is waterproof or not? So you can take it into the rain or not.

If you have any suggestions or queries about waterproof electric skateboards feel free to send us your feedback by filling the following comment form.

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