10 Best Cheap Electric Skateboards

When electric skateboards first entered the market a few years back, they were not expected to last long. As people thought that these expensive gadgets could mostly be afforded by the rich, their future seemed quite vague. Just as that of hoverboards, the trend of these skateboards was considered to be temporary so they were not given much attention at that time. However, with the advent of more advanced and affordable ones, they slowly became the talk of the town with so many people joining this trend. So, if you are one of those people who are looking for some best cheap electric skateboards to buy one, then this article will surely be helpful for you!

Cheap Electric Skateboards Best Suited For?

Speaking of the general image of electric skateboards, they were mostly speculated to be used by the techies for skateboarding in high school. This image, however, prevailed for quite a short time as it can now be seen to be equally popular among people belonging to different age groups. Nowadays, everyone seems to love them may it be the young, nerd, popular or old.

This article includes a list of the 10 best cheap electric skateboards which, besides being affordable, are best suited for those who are just about to start their skateboarding experience. Keeping in view the rising popularity of these boards with so many people interested to try them out, I have considered two important things while compiling this list. Those two things are that the skateboard should be affordable and beginner-friendly.

As one of my main concerns here is the beginners who have no experience with electric skateboards and are not sure if they will really enjoy skateboarding, I have made cheap electric longboards a priority here. Of course, there is no reason for them to spend much a lot of money when they are just newcomers. So, this list would be perfect for them to decide on the best affordable electric skateboard for themselves.

Are You Missing Out Something By Not Buying Premium Models?

It is very much important to address this question here and, in its answer, I would say no. Some cheap electric longboards are as good in terms of features and performance as some expensive ones. Some of the impressive cheap electric boards are being offered by brands like Atom, Koowheel, and BlitzArt. Talking about the premium models, they offer some extra features that include mobile apps, replaceable batteries, LED lights, regenerating brakes, etc. Even some of the cheap electric longboards have also started to incorporate these features into them. So, there is no need to worry about missing out on something especially in terms of performance when you buy an affordable electric longboard rather than a premium one and it will give you an equally nice debut experience.

You Might Get Confused While Choosing the Best Budget Electric Skateboard

If you are a first-timer and do not have much knowledge about such technological stuff, you might get very much confused while picking an electric skateboard. As electric skateboards have now surpassed the status of a “temporary trend” due to the emergence of some impressive affordable models, people are more eager to buy the best affordable electric skateboards. Keeping in view the current situation, I have picked the 10 most affordable electric skateboard models which, in my opinion, are the best cheap electric skateboards that you can consider without the fear of spending all of your allowance money. Now, let’s get to the point and have a deep insight into the features and specs of these selected skateboards which will help you overcome all the confusion which you might have while deciding on the best model for yourself. Just take a look at the list, make your mind, and start your skateboarding experience right away!

Top 10 Best Cheap Electric Skateboards in 2021

Comparison Chart of Best Cheap Electric Skateboard

No. Name Motor Power Speed Range Load Capacity Price
10 ALOUETTE CATWALK 250W Dual 16mph 14 miles 250lbs Check Price
9 AIRWHEEL M3 350W 12.5mph 10miles 220lbs Check Price
8 SWAGTRON SWAGBOARD NG-1 250-350W 11mph 10 miles 176lbs Check Price
7 BLITZART TORNADO 350W 17mph 10miles 250lbs Check Price
6 ACTON BLINK LITE 450W 10mph 5miles 130lbs Check Price
5 BLITZART HURACANE 700W 23mph 10miles 250lbs Check Price
4 BENCHWHEEL PENNY BOARD 1000W 1000W 18.5mph 10miles 55lbs Check Price
3 MAVERIX USA MONSTER 100W 6mph 5miles 110lbs Check Price
2 BLITZART MINI FLASH 250W 12mph 8miles 250lbs Check Price
1 SWAGTRON VOYAGER 350W 15miles 15miles 330lbs Check Price



I will start my list with Alouette Catwalk which has two versions to offer. One version has a 4400 mAh while the other has a 2200 mAh battery. There is not much difference in the features and specs of both of them except the range and price.
I will be discussing the one with a 4400 mAh battery here which is very cheap and is about 29-inch long. This decent skateboard is light in weight and hence is quite handy. Its lightweight makes it very easy to be transported. Moreover, this skateboard is often on sale which means that you can get it at even a lower price.
It has got a very classic look with the deck made up of 7-ply maple wood and can support a maximum weight of about 110 lbs. With its single hub motor which generates a power of about 350 W, it can take you with a top speed of up to 12 miles per hour. This speed can be achieved in the high-speed mode. You can regulate the speed of the deck via wireless remote control by selecting the low-speed mode or high-speed mode. In the slow-speed mode, the skateboard offers a top speed of about 6 miles per hour which is half of the previously mentioned one. Other than the basic functions of accelerating and brake, you can also change the board’s direction and reverse it using the remote.
Now I would mention that this version of Catwalk with a 4400 mAh battery can cover a range of about 12 miles on a single charge which is a very nice feature for such a cheap electric skateboard. The low maximum weight supporting capacity and moderate features such as the range and the top speed point out that this skateboard definitely is best suited for kids and students. Lastly, it is a product of a trustworthy manufacturer which implies that there is not much need to worrying about after-sale support.

  • Motor Power: 250 W Dual Hub-Motor
  • Braking System: Regenrative Braking
  • Max Range: 14 miles
  • Battery: 4400 mah, 25.2V Lithium
  • Top Speed: 16mph
  • Climbing Angle: 15°
  • Item Weight: 9.92 lbs
  • Weight Limit 250lbs

9- AIRWHEEL M3 – Cheap Off Road Electric Skateboard

AIRWHEEL M3 -  - Cheap Off Road Electric Skateboard

Airwheel M3 is one of the strong models out there which can be bought for a lower price and it is beginner-friendly as well. It has a minimalistic design and it stands out from other skateboards due to a feature that I am just going to discuss.

I am definitely pointing towards its large all-terrain rubber wheels which are not so common among the cheap electric skateboards. The most interesting thing about these wheels is that they keep the board moving in a straight line even on the roughest paths and also give a nice off-road experience. This means that you can enjoy a care-free ride even on some uneven landscapes even with this affordable beast.

Airwheel M3 does an outstanding job in terms of performance. It offers a top speed of about 12 miles per hour and its battery allows a mileage of about 12 miles within a single charge. With all these specs, I think this skateboard won’t disappoint you and will give you some great riding experience!

  • Motor Power: 350W
  • Braking System: Regenrative Braking
  • Max Range: 10miles
  • Battery: 81.4Wh / 162.8Wh
  • Top Speed: 12.5mph
  • Climbing Angle: 15°
  • Item Weight: 25lbs
  • Weight Limit 220lbs

3- SWAGTRON SWAGBOARD NG-1 – Best Cheap Electric Skateboard

SWAGTRON SWAGBOARD NG-1 - best cheap electric skateboards

In the word of electric longboards, Swagtron is quite a renowned name. It has already produced some good quality hoverboards which were quite popular among the customers. Now, they are focused to produce some quality electric skateboards.

They have made a successful entry in the world of electric skateboards with their first model SwaBoard NG-1. This model might have a few tradeoffs but offers great performance within a very affordable budget. Well! When we get good performance, I don’t think anything else matters. Because in my opinion, performance is what matters the most!

Taking a deeper insight into its performance, its 350 W in-wheel motor provides a top speed of about 11 miles per hour which is quite remarkable considering its price. Moreover, its range won’t disappoint you either. It has gotten a 24V Lithium-ion battery which is capable of providing a mileage of up to 10 miles on a single charge. So, it can be said that it is the longest reaching cheap electric skateboard.

Lastly, I would like to mention that it has an attractively flexible maple wood deck with a strong grip tape on the top. A SwagBoard logo adds to its sleek appearance. Considering the amazing specs of this skateboard that are comparable to those of some more expensive ones, this cheap electric skateboard can easily be one of your choices!

  • Motor Power: 250-350W
  • Braking System: Regenrative Braking
  • Max Range: 10 miles
  • Battery: 24V Li-On LPF Battery
  • Top Speed: 11mph
  • Climbing Angle: 20°
  • Item Weight: 9.5 lbs
  • Weight Limit 176lbs

4- BLITZART TORNADO – Best Budget Electric Skateboard

BLITZART TORNADO - best budget electric skateboard

While I was selecting the best cheap electric skateboards for this list, I had no intention of adding three skateboard models from the same company, that is, BLITZART. But as they have recently started releasing some quality cheap electric skateboards rather vigorously, I just decided to include all three of them.

Let’s check out the BLITZART Tornado first. This is one of the cheap electric skateboards that can provide you with an enjoyable skateboarding experience. Although some other skateboard models that have been included in this list might be cheaper compared to the Tornado. But this skateboard has some interesting features that are worth its price.

With its 38-inch long deck, this skateboard belongs to the category of longboards. The electric skateboards from BLITZART (including the Tornado) are famous for their solid and strong build. The 8-ply deck of the Tornado is made up of maple wood which is covered by two layers of bamboo. Due to its thick and durable deck, it can support a maximum weight of about 300 lbs.
As for the overall design, it has a classic longboard look with a cutout at one end which is meant for holding the board while traveling in transport. Furthermore, the skateboard is offered in 4 different colors that are red, orange, green, and black so that you can choose the color of your liking.

Now, let’s have a look at the most important aspect of an electric skateboard that is its performance. Tornado consists of a single hub motor which generates a power of about 350 W with the help of which, the skateboard can attain a top speed of about 16 mph. The performance is, however, influenced by the rider’s weight. Of course, it would be hard to achieve the mentioned top speed if the skateboard is loaded up to its maximum load capacity of 300 lbs and particularly if riding on uneven terrain. But it is still quite commendable that it can support 300 lbs.

With its 36V 4000 mAh battery, it can take you as far as up to 10 miles within a single charge. When the battery completely runs out of power, it takes about two and a half hours to charge from 0% to 100%. To give a more enjoyable experience, this board comes with a user-friendly wireless remote control which has very basic functions. You can conveniently control the acceleration and brake, and even reverse the direction of the board.

In short, apart from being cheap and beginner-friendly, Tornado has got two of the most important features that are toughness and good performance. With that being said, it can be the ideal choice for beginners and especially for adults who are just about to set foot in the world of electric skateboarding!

  • Motor Power: 350W
  • Braking System: Regenrative Braking
  • Max Range: Upto 10miles
  • Battery: 36V, 4.0Ah Lithium-Ion battery
  • Top Speed: 17mph
  • Climbing Angle: 20°
  • Item Weight: 13lbs
  • Weight Limit 250lbs



Let me now introduce you to the world’s lightest skateboard which can be perfectly suitable for teens and young kids. It comes from ACTON which has created another solid and versatile model known as Blink.

Blink Lite, as the name implies is the lightest electric skateboard to exist with a weight of only 7.7 lbs. Besides its lower price, its classic design is the only thing you can show off. It may disappoint you in terms of its top speed and range per single charge. The top speed of about 10 mph might be very low for some riders. Moreover, the total mileage of roughly 5 miles on a single charge is also disappointing.

Now some final words on ACTON Blink Lite. Other than its low price and weight, there is not much about this skateboard that appeals to me. But that’s my opinion and that does not mean that it’s not worth buying at all. As I have mentioned earlier, this skateboard might be suitable for children. However, if you want your electric skateboard to have some more awesome features, then I think you should check out other skateboards in this list.

  • Motor Power: 450W
  • Braking System: Regenrative Braking
  • Max Range: 5miles
  • Top Speed: 10mph
  • Hill Grade: 8%
  • Item Weight: 7.7lbs
  • Weight Limit 130lbs

5- BLITZART HURACANE – Best Cheap Electric Longboard

BLITZART HURACANE - Best Cheap Electric Longboard

As I have already confessed earlier that I have included three models from BLITZART, let’s move to the second one from the same company. After Tornado, here is BLITZART Huracane.

Huracane has got some awesome specs to offer in terms of both looks and performance. This 38-inch long giant not only has a cool appearance but is also flexible and durable. It has got a solid build with a deck consisting of 8 inner layers of maple covered with bamboo on both sides. This arrangement of maple and bamboo bestows some additional toughness and flexibility to it and allows it to support a maximum weight of 300 lbs. COOL! Isn’t it?

When it comes to its performance, BLITZART again did an outstanding job proving its potential in the field of electric skateboards. Huracane provides an approximate top speed of 15 mph and a maximum range of more than 17 miles per single charge which is pretty awesome. One more cool thing about its deck is its stability and grip.

Finally, with all these cool and awesome specs, the Huracane is sure to amaze you. It leaves no doubt in my mind that this skateboard might be the one you’ve been looking for! This skateboard definitely is one of the best cheap electric skateboards out there!

  • Motor Power: 700W
  • Braking System: Regenrative Braking
  • Max Range: 10miles
  • Battery: 36V and 5.4Ah Lithium-Ion battery
  • Top Speed: 23mph
  • Item Weight: 18lbs
  • Weight Limit 250lbs



Moving to the next on the list, here is Benchwood Penny Board 1000W. This cheap electric skateboard costs a bit more compared to the other previously mentioned skateboards. But looking at its outstanding specs and features, which are probably superior to the other boards mentioned in the list, it will become clear that this skateboard is worth its price!

As the name implies, it is powered by an exceptionally thin 1000W brushless motor which provides a top speed of 15 miles per hour. This speed might not be the greatest but still, it deserves some praise.

Its 90 Wh Lithium-ion battery is implemented with the quick charge technology which allows the battery to be fully charged in about 1.5 hours. In terms of range, it can make up to approximately 7 miles.

Its features make it a good option for commuting and I think this is the main reason that it has attracted a nice number of buyers. On a final note, Benchwood Penny Board 1000W is a cool and durable electric skateboard with great performance. If you want all of these features on your skateboard then you should definitely try this one. I am pretty sure that it won’t let disappoint you!

  • Motor Power: 1000W
  • Braking System: Regenrative Braking
  • Max Range: 10miles
  • Battery: 36V-2200mAh Battery
  • Top Speed: 18.5mph
  • Climbing Angle: 15°
  • Item Weight: 3.5lbs
  • Weight Limit 55lbs



If you have an extremely limited budget, then this one is definitely for you! Maverix USA Monster is the cheapest electric skateboard discussed so far in the list. But of course, it does provide you with some cool features despite its very low price.

Let’s take a look at this 31-inch long skateboard which has got a special feature that is rarely visible even on some pricey models, which is, LED lights. These LED lights, which are incorporated with the board’s wheels, will be of great help when riding at night.
Besides the lights that would be helpful at night, let’s shed the light on other specs as well. Now comes something that many of you might find uncomfortable. Its battery takes about four hours to fully charge which is very slow. That is something difficult for an impatient person like me but… well, I guess we should develop some patience…

It has some good things as well such as it can still cover a range of about 6 miles on a single charge. With a recommended maximum weight of 100 lbs, it is quite understood that Monster is meant for children. So, for parents who are looking for the best cheap electric skateboard for their children, this skateboard is the best that they can buy for them!

  • Motor Power: 100W
  • Max Range: 5miles
  • Battery: 12V
  • Top Speed: 6mph
  • Item Weight: 19lbs
  • Weight Limit 110lbs



BLIZART is back on the list! And this time, it is my second-best pick on this list! From the way they are releasing some quality skateboards, it looks like they are going to lead the world of electric skateboards. They have become very famous and are successfully going further and further.

Now, I’ll begin with its design. Mini Flash offers 3 colors to choose from with a very sleek and brilliant appearance. Actually, it is the wheels that vary in color, the grip tape remains in the same (black) color. The design does not feature any unnecessary details that might spoil its look. The deck is an amalgamation of maple and bamboo just like that of the Huracane.

You can conveniently control the board with the help of remote control. An ergonomic controller comes with it which, despite being small, is cool and will provide you with lag-free controls. This will surely add fun to your carefree ride.

Lastly, here comes the specifications. First off, it contains a durable hub motor which, you can enjoy a top speed of about 12 miles per hour. Secondly, it has got a powerful Lithium-ion battery which can provide a total range of up to 15 miles. The battery takes almost two and a half hours to fully charge which, however, might not be convenient for some.

Concluding my words about this awesome skateboard, it is safe to say that Mini Flash is an awesome skateboard that can provide you with the best electric skateboarding experience. With all being said, this skateboard actually provides more than its price and hence is one of the best cheap electric skateboards on the market.

  • Motor Power: 250W Brushless Hub-Motor
  • Braking System: Regenrative Braking
  • Max Range: 8miles
  • Battery: 24V and 4.4Ah Lithium-Ion battery
  • Top Speed: 12mph
  • Item Weight: 9lbs
  • Weight Limit 250lbs

1- SWAGTRON VOYAGER – Cheap All Terrain Electric Skateboard

SWAGTRON VOYAGER - Cheap All Terrain Electric Skateboard

And finally! Here comes the champion! Swagtron Voyager has dominated my list of the best cheap electric skateboards due to the features that it offers at an affordable price. I have selected the skateboards in terms of value for money and I always go for those models, that embody above average value for money.

The first thing about this skateboard that I am going to discuss is its performance. Voyager has powerful dual motors of about 350 W each which can provide an efficient top-speed of about 15 miles per hour. With such a high speed, it can provide speed lovers with an opportunity to enjoy all kinds of speed-related activities (even the dangerous ones).

Moreover, it sports a powerful long-lasting Lithium iron phosphate battery which is quite capable of taking you to a range of about 15 miles on a single charge. Of course, here I am talking about the ideal weight conditions that can be easily supported by this skateboard. Considering both the top-speed and range, you will surely be prompted to think that Voyager is the best choice!
Last but not the least, it features a cool and durable deck with cool graphics on the grip tape. Maple and bamboo combined make up its deck. A maximum weight of about 330 pounds can be endured by Voyager and yet, it runs quite smoothly. With all these specs being considered, it can be said that Swagtron entered the market with NG-1 and continued to thrive with the success of Voyager. So, if you want to get a great experience at a reasonable price, Swagtron Voyager will be the best cheap electric skateboard for you!

  • Motor Power: 350W Dual Motor
  • Braking System: Regenrative Braking
  • Max Range: 15miles
  • Battery: 36V LI-FE batteries
  • Top Speed: 15miles
  • Climbing Angle: 15°
  • Item Weight: 20lbs
  • Weight Limit 330lbs

Final Words

With all that information about the best cheap electric skateboards ecoskateboard.com has tried its best to convey most authentic information to you, now is the time to conclude. In the end, I would again like to mention my point of compiling this buyer’s guide. There are so many premium skateboard models out there. But there are plenty of cheap electric longboards too which have pretty awesome features just like some expensive ones and which, besides being wallet-friendly, they are beginner-friendly as well. So, you can spend less money and get a cool cheap fast electric skateboard to enjoy the best skateboarding experience.

In short, the main thing that I am trying to convey is that the quality of a product cannot be measured in terms of the high price. You can get some very good quality, electric skateboard models, at quite low prices too. I truly hope that this buyer’s guide will be helpful to you. You can just look at this guide, make up your mind, and buy the best affordable electric skateboard that is most suitable for you.

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