9 Best Electric Skateboard Backpacks

Do you love skateboarding? If so, then you must face trouble while carrying your electric skateboard and other stuff. Verily, skateboarding amid traveling requires a suitable bag to carry your e-skateboard along with all other stuff. If you are a skateboarder, then you must equip yourself with the best electric skateboard bag so that you can grab a hold of your belongings and feel at ease in moving with your skateboard. Either it is only a skateboard that you want to carry, a laptop, gym clothes, water bottle, essential papers, or any other belonging, electric skateboard backpacks is quite sufficient to keep them all safe, and easily. Therefore, you should stop worrying while rushing with your skateboard; necessary gears, and tools. Get yourself a sturdy yet easy to carry electric longboard bag or travel backpack!

Best Electric Skateboard Backpacks you should have in 2021

Now, comes the query, how to choose the best electric skateboard backpacks in 2021? To answer that question, in summary, you just have to be specific about some of the key factors/features that can lead to the best electric skateboard backpack. Take account of the fact that a suitable electric skateboard backpack or travel bag must-have the features like scrap-free surface, light-weight, should have waterproof or at least water-resistant capabilities, and plenty of space to hold the other belongings while skateboarding or carrying the electric skateboard.

Above all, about looks, a skateboard backpack must be up to the standard. It means that when it comes to choosing the best backpack, you should pick the one which is not only made up of abrasion-resistant, light in weight, and water-resistant high-quality material but also appears to be eye-catching, the color and design must be compelling. Moreover, the backpack must be ample enough space to get a hold of all your gears and belongings.

Let us help you to find the best electric skateboard bag. Keep moving forward as below, we have shortlisted some of the best electric skateboard backpacks and travel bags that are up to the mark.

Top-rated 9 Best Electric Skateboard Backpacks and Travel Bags in 2021

Now, let us tell you about the features, benefits, and price of each of these backpacks and travel bags. Keep reading to decide yourself, which electric skateboard backpack is worthy of your selection.

1- GoRide Tech Electric Skateboard Backpack

GoRide Tech Electric Skateboard Backpack

Looking for a perfect skateboard backpack with a laptop case? If so then GoRide Teach Electric Skateboard Backpack is the perfect call to make. Following you will learn more about its features, benefits, and price of this adorable backpack. So keep reading this spectacular electric skateboard bag review.

High-quality Material: Goride backpack is made up of skin-friendly, and high-quality material. Indeed, the material isn’t solely gentle to the skin (easily bear and wearable) but also scratch less. So, the best about the material quality of this backpack is that it has extra foam padding all around. With such high-quality material features. Because of these qualities, go ride electric skateboard backpack ranks at the top of our list of best electric skateboard backpacks.

Ultimate Support

Talking about the next main feature of this e-board backpack, it has sturdy shoulder straps, sternum straps, and a hip belt (with extra soft padding). Altogether these straps provide ultimate support without causing strain or harm.

Extra Storage

Moving to the storage qualities, this backpack is quite spacious. It has two pockets at the cover (can be used to hold water bottles), two deep side pockets that can either be used to carry spare batteries, fold-able camera tripods, handgrip, or any other belongings.

Unique Design

The best about this backpack is that it has a unique design. Its electric skateboard straps have a padded velcro flap that provides ultimate protection and support to the skateboard. Either you want to carry a mini skate, a regular one, or a longboard, this backpack can handle 38 inches long and up to 20 lbs of heavy skateboard quite comfortably.

Bonus Feature

This backpack has a perfect laptop case. It can easily carry a laptop that is up to 17inches in height.

Hereby, GoRide backpack is the best suitable for those who are always in a rush to move forth and back either from home to work, or other traveling destination. This backpack is uniquely designed to carry all the stuff that a wanderer, and primarily, a skateboarder uses. Therefore, this backpack is best to cater to your skateboarding and wandering gear needs.

  • Out standing Sturdy Quality
  • Quite spacious, easy to bring your laptop and other things
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Standard Universal design back that can carry various type of electric skateboard.
  • This bag has a zipper closer so you cannot overload them.
  • Bag has unstrechable side bottle pocket.


NIKE SB RPM Polyester Electric Skateboard Backpack

Here, comes another up to the mark option, the Nike SB RPM Skateboard backpack. If you want a sturdy, easy-to-carry electric skateboard backpack with abrasion-resistant and water-resistant qualities then Nike is certainly your choice to make.

Have a look below to know all about the Nike SB RPM skateboard backpack.

100% Enduring Material

Talking about the material of this electric skateboard bag, it is 100% enduring as it is made up of High-quality Polyester and another high-quality polyester. As this backpack is made up of Polyester, it is resistant to damage and scratches.

Secure Ample Storage

About how much stuff this backpack can carry for you, we assure you that Nike holds the specialty to provide zipped ample storage. It has pockets at the front that are not only spacious but also secure. It means that you won’t have to be worried about your essentials as the zipped spacious pockets of this backpack are fair enough to protect your stuff from falling out or getting stolen.

Skin-Friendly Strap Support

When it comes to carrying a backpack, one must look for a backpack that has sturdy but skin-friendly straps. So, here comes the Nike that provides such soft-padded front and shoulder straps’ support. Nike skateboard backpack has easily wearable; adjustable curved, shoulder and front straps that provide ultimate support: you won’t be busy carrying the bag pack with your hands as with the help of the sturdy and soft padded straps of this bag, it will be easy for you to carry the backpack.

Bonus Features

Luckily, Nike is offering you to enjoy two bonus features. One of its bonus features is that it has an internal sleeve loop that provides space to fit a laptop. The second feature is that it is water-resistant: now, let the water spill!.

Precisely, the Nike electric skateboard backpack ranks on the top of the list because it is made up of water-resistant and enduring polyester material. Moreover, it has secure spacious storage to carry your stuff and tools other than the skateboard itself.

  • Troumendous Quality
  • Internal space is quite spacious
  • Durable
  • Good supportive bag layout
  • Its steps can hang multiple type of electric skateboards quite easy and comfortably.
  • Bit Expensive one

3- DAKINE Mission Backpack

DAKINE Mission Backpack A Perfect Electric Skateboard Bag

If you are looking for an adorable sturdy, zipped and spacious backpack for your skateboard and other stuff then a Dakine Mission travel bag might be what you like.

100% Polyester Endurability

Dakine skateboard backpack is made up of 600D polyester material that makes it best among the rest. For the record, polyester material is not only endurable but also provides semi-protection against water. Therefore, the material of this skateboard backpack is high-quality, sturdy, and durable.

Sternum Belt and Strap Support

The soft padded, sturdy shoulder straps provide support to the body’s back. Along with these shoulder straps, the Dakine backpack has a sternum waist. Altogether, both of these not only provide assistance to maintain balance but also escalate the bag’s durability.

Sturdy Board Straps

Dakine mission backpack has durable straps to grab a hold on your skateboard. The straps have sharp hooks to tie a tight knot and protect the board from falling. Moreover, these straps are easy to adjust as per the skateboard size.

Plenty of Pockets

The Dakine Mission backpack is exactly what its name depicts. It has plenty of spacious pockets that can carry your stuff. Moreover, all of the pockets are secure as these are zipped.

Extra Internal Space

Here, comes another feature that tells why it is called a mission backpack. The Dakine Mission backpack has ample internal storage. its extra interior space has a separate laptop case and a goggles pouch. So, you can carry any of your stuff, including a 15-inch laptop or your favorite sun-glasses in a well-organized way.

PRECISELY, if you want a perfect electric skateboard carry bag to grab a hold on your skateboard and other commuting stuff. The Dakine Mission electric skateboard backpacks are suitable as it is made up of semi-water-resistant polyester material with sturdy straps, waist belt support, and extra storage space.

  • Made with tough and durable 600D polyester material
  • Ample Internal storage
  • Equiped with plenty of external pockets
  • Affordable
  • Pocket lining has thin flees
  • Shape of the bag is quite irregularly and has unstable bottom


VOLCOM UNISEX Best Electric Skateboard Backpack

Looking for electric skateboard backpacks? If so then you must know about Volcom Unisex Substrate Backpack because it is known to be one of the finest backpacks in the market. From sturdy strap support, endurable material to spacious internal storage, this skateboard backpack has everything to offer you.

Polyester Protection and Durability

Volcom backpack is made up of polyester material which makes it 100% enduring, sturdy, and light-weighted.

Extra Storage Space

With 47 centimeters by 32 centimeters size, the Volcom backpack comes with extra storage space. It not only has ample internal storage space to carry your routine stuff such as a laptop but also comes up with spacious and zipped front pockets. It has 3 slips and 4 exterior pockets.

So, forget worrying about your stuff, just put ’em in your Volcom backpack and enjoy your commuting.

Bonus Features

Volcom’s backpack is washable. Moreover, it ranks 59 in Surf, Skate & Street Backpacks list.

So, if you want a washable, durable, and spacious backpack for an electric skateboard then Volcom can suffice to match your choice.

  • Ample space without any extra bulkiness
  • Washable ( Machine )
  • Made with extreme quality material
  • Straps are bit slippery


Burton Day Hiker Backpack for Electric Skateboard

Burton Day Hiker Backpack comes in handy when people get to know that it is 100% endurable and offers a lifetime warranty.

  • Size: 19.5″ x 12″ x 7.5″
  • Volume: 28L
  • Weight:1.6 lbs
Sturdy, Smooth Shoulder Strap Support

The shoulder straps of Burton Day Hiker Backpack are 100% enduring and provides smooth support maintaining balance.

Spacious Compartments

It has Two Side Zipped Pockets, a Front Stretch Cram Pocket, Fleece-Lined Goggle or other Accessories holding Pocket, a Small Zippered Storage Pocket, a Laptop Sleeve, as well as a Tablet Sleeve. Moreover, it has an Internal Zippered Mesh Pocket with a key holder.

Hydration Compatible

The airflow back panel of Burton’s backpack makes it hydration compatible. So, No more sweaty backs!

Bonus Features

Burton backpack has fleece-lined pockets; secure internal storage; stretchable front pockets; a removable waist strap.

Above all, Burton Day Hiker Backpack has a webbing board carrier with molded wings.

If you want an electric longboard backpack with a lifetime warranty then you must choose Burton Backpack as it is not only endurable but also spacious enough to safely carry all other stuff.

  • Back Panle of the bag is breathable
  • Strechable front pockets which increase internal space a bit.
  • Shoulder straps are comfortable to wear
  • Equiped with removable waist strap
  • Front stretchable pockets can ba cause of a tear in the bag

6- YUNEEC E-GO Tuffy Case Skateboard Travel Bag

YUNEEC E-GO Tuffy Case Electric Skateboard Travel Bag

Yuneec E-Go Tuffy Cases can be your best travel buddy. So, if you are looking for the finest: spacious, easy to carry, water-resistant, washable, and durable skateboard bag then you should go for it.

  • Size: 42 x 11 x 5 inches
  • Weight: 2 pounds
600D Nylon Light-weighted Durability

This travel bag is made up of 600D Nylon that is highly light-weighted but quite enduring. Now, enjoy the light-weighted yet enduring qualities of your travel buddy: Yuneec E-go electric skateboard bag.

Sturdy Shoulder Strap Support

It has strong, and enduring shoulder straps that provide smooth support amid maintaining balance.

Ample Storage: Either you need to carry a skateboard or other stuff such as books, tools, spare parts, etc, this travel bag has plenty of pockets that suffice to carry them all.


E-do Tuffy Case Travel Bag is washable.


Light-weighted; Enduring; Washable; can carry electric longboards.

if you want a light-weighted travel backpack: a bag capable of carrying all of your stuff including a skateboard, books, tools, laptop, etc then you must choose this Tuffy Case. Keep in mind it is also water-proof!

  • Washable (Mashine)
  • Lightweight & Durable
  • Heavy Duty Zipper
  • Water resistant
  • Ample internal space.
  • Has slippery straps
  • Does not have carrying handle

7- HUBRO Designs Boosted Board Backpack

HUBRO Designs Boosted Board Backpack

Water-resistant Light-weighted Material

This travel (skateboard) bag is made up of one of the finest light-weighted water-resistant materials, Nylon. With such qualities of 600D Nylon, Hubro boosted board bag hits the top mark in the market.

Neoprene padding

The inside walls of this skateboard bag have closed-cell neoprene padding that makes it easy for you to carry all your stuff within the bag, safely.

Organized Interior Pockets

There are many small organized pockets to carry your stuff including chargers, batteries, etc.

Zipped Compartments

All of the pockets of this boosted board bag; compartments are fully zipped and secure.

Removable Shoulder Strap

if you want to hang the bag over your shoulders then you can use the sturdy but smoothly padded shoulder strap. In case, it’s of no use to you then you can simply remove it.

Top-mounted and Side-mounted Carry Handles

Another feature that makes this travel boosted board backpack best is that it has padded carry handles. There are two carry handles. You can either use the top-mounted carry handle or the side-mounted carry handle as per your convenience.

Bonus Features

Light-weighted; enduring; suitable to carry Boosted Board Longboards or other longboards up to 41 inches in length.

HUBRO Designs Boosted Board Travel Bags are the best travel skateboard backpacks as these ensure enduring, secure, and smooth skateboard carry.

  • Ample internal space with additional extra space
  • Equiped with close cell padding that protect your personal effects
  • Can hang variety of electric skateboard quite comfortably
  • Good quality zipper
  • Bag has simple and efficient design
  • Does not have backpack strps

8- Penny Backpack- A Classy Skateboard Carry

Penny Backpack- A Classy Skateboard Carry

Penny backpacks come first when it’s about choosing a classy bag for your mini electric skateboard. It is not only enough to carry your mini skateboard but also suitable to grab a hold on your other stuff such as tools, books, specs, etc.

  • Size: 14.8 x 9.8 x 2.1 inches
  • Weight: 11.8 ounces
  • Unisex: Suitable for both genders
Best Suitable for Mini Electric Skateboards

if you have best mini electric skateboards then Penny is supposed to be your first choice. The reason why we are saying this is that its compact size and adorable outlook makes it compatible to carry a mini electric skateboard.

Elastic Strap Support

Penny backpack has a pair of internal elastic straps that provide ultimate support to your mini-board and other belongings.

Extra Space

What if it has a compact size! Penny backpack has an extra room for all of your belongings. It has extra internal space that is enough to carry your stuff such as skateboard tools.


Penny backpacks are lightweight yet enduring.

If you own a mini electric skateboard and are looking for a classy backpack to grab a hold on it then Penny electric skateboard backpacks are exactly what meets your needs.

  • Lightweight
  • Cheap or Affordable
  • Recommended for small electric skateboards.
  • Make with stong and durable material
  • Does not have ample space to carry other safety gears or other essential items

9- SECTOR 9 The Field Bag (Convertable to Backpack)

SECTOR 9 The Field Bag Convertable to Backpack

Polyester Body and Nylon Straps

The main body of this bag is made up of 100% polyester whereas its D-ring straps are of Nylon material. Altogether these high-quality materials make this field bag worthy of selection.

Metal Buckels and Zippers

Talking about the other parts, the buckles, and zippers of this bag are made up of pure metal. Thence, it ensures long-lasting durability, sturdy support, and protection.

Spacious Storage

Its inner storage isn’t only spacious enough to carry all of your belongings but also has a helmet pouch. Now, either it is a skateboard, a helmet, batteries, or other tools that you need to carry, this field bag can grab a hold on anything. Plus point is that its internal storage space is organized.

Zipped Pockets

All of the outer pockets are zipped and secure. Whereas the inner pockets are mesh, thus, secure as well.

Removable Carrying Case and Straps

This field bag has an internal carrying case that can be removed if needed. Moreover, its straps can also be removed or adjusted at your convenience.

Bonus Features

Convertible from a travel bag to backpack; Inner strap support (for the board); double strap adjustments; plenty of pockets.

If you want a perfect travel buddy that can assist you in carrying your stuff including a skateboard then you can choose Sector 9 Field Bag as it is not only endurable and spacious but also convertible from a travel bag to an electric skateboard backpack.

  • Make with nylon and polyester body metal
  • Good quality zipper
  • Ample internal storage
  • Plenty of extra pockets to carry other important things such as extra battery and remote control
  • not easy to walk around while carrying this

How to Choose a Perfect Electric Skateboard Backpack or Travel Bag?

When it’s about buying some stuff that we need, we must consider all the contextual aspects like for what occasion we are buying it, what’s our monetary budget, and most importantly, of what size, color, and shape it has to be to meet our needs. Along with these features, what we look for is the quality and durability of the stuff. So, all in all, what matters is the style, quality, and price.

Likewise, when it’s about buying a bag to carry your skateboard then you must consider which style (shape, size, design, color) would suit the best to carry your board as well as how you would get the best quality material bag at an affordable price.

Talking about the style, there are two best options: Commuting Backpack or Travel Bags.

If you are confused about whether you need an electric longboard backpack or a travel bag to carry your skateboard then keep reading this article. Moreover, if you want to know what makes a skateboard backpack or travel bag worthy of selection then have a look below.

Commuting Backpack or Travel Backpack?

Either its a Commuting backpack or travel backpack, both of them have been designed to cater to your traveling needs. By traveling needs, we mean to carry and protect your gears and belongings. So, either its backpack or a travel bag, both of ’em can be your travel buddies.

Thence, when it comes to choosing such a travel buddy, you should pick the one which meets your needs the best. For the record, backpacks are known to be more comfortable and easy to carry while traveling.

In case, you are a commuter, you need to move forth and back daily from one place to another amid carrying a skateboard then a backpack can be the best to assist you in doing so. Backpacks are easy to carry because they have soft padded straps that you can hang around your shoulder and let your back carry the burden with full comfort. The only thing that you need to keep in mind while choosing electric skateboard backpacks is that it must be soft padded. In case, you miss this feature out then you’ll end up hurting your back badly.

On the other hand, to use a travel bag for carrying your skateboard is neither a bad option. In case, you need to travel far across your hometown then a travel bag can be your best travel companion and assist you to safely carry your skateboard along with your other stuff such as laptops, books, papers, tools, etc.

The bottom line is that either you choose a backpack or a travel bag, choose the best, and to do so you need to take account of the features that make them the best. Though we have already enlisted some of such basic features at the beginning of this article, we have given a detailed account of them below.

Features of a Skateboard Backpack and Travel Bag

The features of a phenomenal backpack to carry a skateboard have been listed below.

A skateboard backpack or Travel Bag must:

  • Made up of abrasion-free, water-resistant, and light-weight material
  • Be endurable
  • Have sturdy yet soft padded straps
  • Have spacious storage
  • Contain plenty of organized pockets
  • Stellar outlook (classy color, size, shape, texture)

Most importantly, the size of the Commuting backpack or travel backpack has to be in accordance with the size and shape of the board; longboards, mini skateboards.

Now, comes the point what makes a backpack or travel bag endurable, light-weighted, water-proof, abrasion-free as well as endurable?
The answer is that if you want a skateboard backpack or travel bag with all the above-mentioned qualities then you must choose the one which is made up of polyester material.

Moreover, look for the one which doesn’t only have synthetic fiber qualities but also has ample storage space with sturdy strap support.

Talking about sturdy strap support, make sure it’s soft padded, or else you’ll end up hurting your shoulders or back.

final Words

We hope that after such an informative discussion about electric skateboard backpacks you have gotten the idea of how to choose the best electric skateboard backpack or bag. Good luck with choosing the best backpack or travel bag to carry your electric skateboard!

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