Best Fastest Electric Skateboards

Best Fastest Electric Skateboards: Speedy Motorized Longboards

When the present world is moving so fast, who does not want to speed up? And when it comes to skateboarding, who does not want to get speedy and to cover greater distances? Who needs to have the fastest electric skateboards? Of course, you won’t like to be left behind when it comes to speed… isn’t it?

The fastest electric skateboard is a board that not only fast enough but also offers the best overall performance too. There are a number of electric skateboards in the market that probably fall in this category and we have shortlisted the top 6 fastest electric skateboards for you in this guide. Later you will read about them in detail. So, stay tuned.

A few years back, electric skateboards were considered to be expensive and novel gadgets. This image has now changed as they have transformed into some amazing commuting devices which are capable of achieving some great speeds.

What is more amazing is that they can even be bought at low prices! There are plenty of skateboard models that are heavy in quality but light on the wallet. You can find many such models in the higher-mid price segments. If you want to buy a high-speed electric skateboard and are wondering which one should you choose, then you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will explore some famous high-speed electric skateboards on the market and see which one is the fastest among them.

Our Top Pick of Fastest Electric Skateboards

Important Considerations Before Buying Best Fastest Electric Skateboards

Before we begin to explore the fastest electric skateboards one by one, let us first consider some important characteristics that a good high-speed should have. It is always necessary to consider such things before buying an electric skateboard as this would make it easier for you to make the right choice! So, let’s have a look at some important considerations that should be made before making a purchase.


It is quite obvious that when purchasing a high-speed model, you will want to use its speed to the maximum extent possible. However, you should make this very clear when aiming for a fast unit that to what extent would the speed be useful to you in your daily activities.

For instance, if you need the skateboard for daily cross-town commuting, a speed of approximately 40 to 50 kilometers per hour is required. This means that it would be completely pointless to pay for a speed greater than that. Moreover, a speed higher than that would not even be allowed by the local traffic regulations! So how would you be able to use it to the fullest?

So, it would be wise to not spend a lot of your money on something which might not even be of any use to you!

Battery capacity/Range

Certainly, high speed is almost useless if your board is incapable of covering greater distances. Now, this is where the range and battery capacity make the entry! Both these features basically are dependent on the amount of juice available.

The range of a unit, which is the measure of distance that can be covered in a single charge, is more easily understandable than the total battery power, which is described by a much more abstract number of ampere-hours.

Motor Power and Type

Motor power is another important thing to consider as it strongly influences the battery life. The higher the power of the motor, the faster the battery will drain. Just as we mentioned about the speed, you should first make it clear that how much power will be required for you to optimally use the skateboard.

If you do not live in the hilly area, the dual hub motors of 480 W would be enough for you as there won’t be any need of climbing some steep slopes.

This, however, is only possible if you have a lighter weight. You will be needing way more power if you load your board with reasonable weight and want it to maintain a decent speed while covering larger distances and riding on small slopes.

Now, coming towards the types, the skateboard motors are of the following two types:

  • Hub motors: These motors are cheaper and easier to maintain. They are encased in the wheels so they generate less torque.
  • Belt drives: These mechanically complicated motors produce more noise and are expensive as compared to the hub motors. Furthermore, they generate more torque and are more energy-efficient.

The Deck

As we are talking about skateboarding at higher speeds here, the stability of the board is something that can’t be ignored. Of course, you will want to purchase a high-speed electric skateboard that is capable of providing maximum stability. Now, what are the factors that account for this stability? It is, basically, the following features of the deck that are responsible for it:

  • Length: High-speed skateboards are usually longer in size, which means that the length of the deck has a connection with stability. The more the deck’s length, the more stable will be the board’s performance.
  • Wheelbase: The distance between the skateboard’s trucks, as measured from its inside mounting holes, is termed as the wheelbase. If a skateboard has a wider wheelbase, there would be better weight distribution on the skateboard.
  • Flexibility: Flexibility, which allows the skateboards to absorb shocks, might not have a positive influence on the stability of a high-speed skateboard. A more rigid deck will be required if you want to ride down the hill. For casual commuting, a deck somewhere in between would mostly be considered perfect.

Materials and Build Quality

The quality of material used in the skateboard construction and how efficiently the parts have been assembled must also be considered. As you are intending to squeeze the maximum speed out of your skateboard, it would be best to not compromise when it comes to the build quality.

The features that make up a solid and high-performance electric skateboard include a durable deck with maple core and soft bamboo overlay, shock-absorbing ability, and robust polyurethane wheels.

In some more expensive skateboards, you may find the carbon deck instead of the maple deck. If you talk about the material, then carbon is way lighter than wood, but when it comes to durability, it is not the same as that of wood.

Special Features

This section consists of all the small features that are incorporated in the skateboard package to enhance the experience of the rider. Following are these features which you can consider when purchasing a high-speed electric skateboard:

  • Grip Tape: It is a grainy, sandpaper-like sheet present on the top of the deck, which provides grip or traction to the rider. It assists in keeping the rider’s feet in place.
  • Speed Settings: For high-speed electric skateboards, having comprehensive speed settings is quite important so that the rider can effectively manage the power of the board. Moreover, these speed settings also allow the shifting of gears per the need and type of terrain.
  • Shock Absorption: The under-deck spring system, which works just the same as that of systems in the cars, is responsible for the shock-absorption ability of the skateboard.

Safety Equipments

Before we start to discuss the fastest electric skateboard on the market, it is quite necessary to have a look at some safety equipment. After all, we are dealing with some high speeds here! Riding a high-speed electric skateboard without any sort of protection would be very risky and reckless.

When riding such fast gadgets, you should always use a helmet. So here, we will suggest Flybar Dual Certified CPSC Helmet which is very strong and durable. It is sleek, comes in various colors, and has an adjustable spin dial. Most importantly, this helmet is CPSC & ASTM certified, which means that it will guarantee your safety even if you fly off the board to a rough landing.

Furthermore, we have a detailed guide on Best & Safest Helmets for Electric Skateboards. Make sure you have checked out this guide too.

Similarly, knee and elbow pads are equally important for a skateboarder who is riding the fastest electric skateboard to secure his/her sensitive joints. Therefore we have published a comprehensive guide on the best knee and elbow pads for skateboards. So if you required to know what are those knees and elbow pads, read this guide too.

Top 6 Best Fastest Electric Skateboards on The Market

Comparison Chart of Best Fastest Electric Skateboards

No. Name Motor Power Speed Range Load Capacity Price
1 SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Breeze II 2x350W 28mph 15miles 220lbs Check Price
2 WowGo Knight Electric Skateboard & Longboard 2x560W 24mph 10-12miles 264lbs Check Price
3 Teamgee H9 38″ Electric Skateboard 2x350W 23mph 10miles 285lbs Check Price
4 Maxfind MAX 4 PRO 2X540W 29mph 11miles 250lbs Check Price
5 Teamgee H5 37″ Electric Skateboard 2x760W 22mph 11miles 220lbs Check Price
6 SWAGSKATE NG2 38” 2x450W 18mph 12miles 220lbs Check Price

1- SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Breeze II

SKATEBOLT Breeze II Fastest Electric Skateboard

Interestingly, a skateboard from “SKATEBOLT” has managed to occupy one of the top positions on this list. This says a lot about the quality of this skateboard and the efforts, which the creators have put into it.

Let’s begin with the first one on this list that is SKATEBOLT Breeze II electric skateboard. The Breeze II is an outstanding feature-rich skateboard, the specs of which make it a great high-speed electric skateboard. It is equipped with dual 350 watts motors that produce an incredible acceleration force to touch the top speed of 28 miles per hour. Moreover, Breeze II electric skateboard has a long-lasting eco-friendly 6000mAh Samsung 30Q lithium battery to cover a distance of 15 miles in a single charge.

The deck of the SKATEBOLT Breeze II is made with a combination of bamboo and two layers of glass fiber that is actually a bit expensive compare to the ordinary Canada maple deck. Such a thick combination provides ultimate flexibility and strength to the overall skateboard performance. With such a deliberate thin but sturdy body frame, this giant has a maximum weight-bearing capacity of 264lbs. Reliable grip tape is present at the top of the skateboard to improve your riding experience and provide more stability to the rider. This setup works exceptionally well even if you are riding on rough and irregular paths. Furthermore, Breeze II can climb a 30° steep inclined surface quite comfortably.

Appearance-wise, the board has a streamlined design and a slim build, and the battery has been cautiously hidden beneath the deck so that it does not interfere with the overall appearance of the skateboard. A regenerating braking system provides an additional source of charging your batteries smartly while braking downhill. Along with this, this electric skateboard also has 4 braking settings from soft to strong that can be managed by remote control to keep secure your ride.

In order to provide you a comfortable ride, SKATEBOLT Breeze II also equipped with cruise functionality that can switch on while riding at a specific speed. So, your electric skateboard can continue your ride at a constant speed smartly.

Finally, considering all the above-mentioned things and specs, it can be said that the SKATEBOLT Breeze II is a great choice for speed lovers. Therefore, we listed at tp position in our list of best fastest electric skateboards.


Let’s now have a look at the specifications of the Breeze II. Under ideal conditions, this skateboard is capable of achieving a range of about more than 20 miles and a top speed of up to 28 km/h. Furthermore, with a hill climb rate of about 30°, this skateboard is a nice option for those who live in hilly areas. Lastly, the maximum weight loading capacity of this skateboard is about 264lbs.

Along with the help of a regenerative braking system, you can charge your batteries a bit while riding. This smart feature can also help you to increase the range of your electric skateboard a bit.


The Breeze II is slightly more feature-rich than the other SKATEBOLt’s skateboards. With the skateboard, comes a unique ergonomic remote control that is meant for efficiently controlling the skateboard. Four-speed modes are offered which will help you in adjusting the board according to your mood or situation. Similarly, the 4 braking system allows you to adjust any from soft to strong according to your need.

Cruise control can help you smartly to attain the best benefits from the joyful ride of this giant electric scooter.

  • Exceptional speed and range
  • Great choice of materials
  • Feature-rich skateboard
  • Cruise control
  • Outstanding craftsmanship
  • Regenerative braking system
  • Expensive

2- WowGo Knight Electric Skateboard & Longboard

WowGo Knight fastest e skateboard & Longboard

The next e-skateboard is another giant in the fastest electric skateboard category from Wowgoboard. Let’s have a look at this skateboard to see if this place is justified or not.

So, let’s begin with the positive points of this electric skateboard. It has got flexible 8 layers of real Canadian maple deck and is quite comfortable. The thickness of this board is only 13mm which is considerably light but too firm and sturdy to bear the maximum load of 264lbs quite easily. To make up for it, the manufacturer has added some other features to provide a smooth and safe riding experience to the rider too. Like, the high-density Emery non-slip top surface provides you an ultimate grip/stability while riding on these fastest machines. This board is equipped with the 2.4G RF technology smart OLED remote control that brings all controls/options like, speed, power on the logo, battery power, speed gear, direction, range, trip, etc on a single button to ease your life.

This board also blessed with features like a smart braking system with which, you can slow the board pretty conveniently rather than abruptly bringing it to a halt.

Now comes its core specs, which are pretty decent considering its price tag. This gadget can attain the maximum top speed of 24 miles per hour which is quite expeditious. WowGo Knight has four different riding modes to provide you a facility to ride according to your riding skills. The dual 650 watts hub motors generate an amazing and spectacular acceleration power so you can easily and promptly obtain a top speed of 25mph. In addition to this, it is good to install/wear proper safety gear before riding on these rapid monster.

What’s more interesting is that some of its specs are even more improved! For instance, it has a better hill climb rate (30%) and can climb steeper slopes than the H9.

Along with this, WowGo Knight is available in two battery types also standard and plus, that can cover the distance of 12 miles and 20 miles with a single charge respectively, and guess what? Due to the quick charging feature, you can recharge your battery in 2.5 – 4 hours and continue your uninterrupted thrilling ride with a “WowGo Knight” electric skateboard.


Considering its price, the WowGo Knight Plus offers some pretty nice specs. The specs are, however, quite similar to that of the other counterparts. but it offers a top speed of about 24mph, a limited range of 18-20miles, and an impressive hill climbs up to 30 degrees.

The board weighs about 16.7lbs and can support a load as heavy as up to 290lbs.

The price of this electric skateboard is quite affordable and economical. as compared to the other rivals this board has a decent price range with impressive features.


It offers some cool additional features. These additional features include the regenerative smart braking system, a cool wireless remote control to move, a useful battery indicator, and four different speed settings.

  • It has balanced specs
  • It features a slim design
  • Solid handling
  • Excellent Hill Climbing
  • All-terrain supportive tool
  • 90*62mm. 78A Soft PU Wheels
  • Fast Charging
  • Pretty fast machine
  • Standard battery feature has low range.

3- Teamgee H9 38″ Electric Skateboard

Teamgee fastest electric board

Now comes another skateboard which, being quite a famous one, still ended at fifth place in this list. TeamGee is one of the most eminent skateboards in the e-board market. But we are dealing with the fastest electric skateboards here and this is exactly why the Teamgee H9 fell behind in this competition.

Of course, that does not mean that it falls too behind! It is quite a famous one though! But even if it will not be able to make you win a lot of speeding competitions, it is still something we should have a look at.

So, let’s start with the design first, which we did not like that much. Well, the deck is long enough, which features a slightly concave design to enhance the stability of the rider, but the thing that we found boring was its color. We would like to have some widely appealing colors.

Still, it has high build quality as the deck consists of ten layers of Canadian maple, armored with a single fiberglass layer. A reliable and durable grip tape covers the board.

The battery is present in the underside of the deck and is hence, not very conspicuous which makes the overall appearance streamlined and slim. Sadly, the battery can not be replaced, but I don’t think it is much of a serious issue.

Its trucks and polyurethane wheels are neither bad nor appealing. There is, however, one advantage that the back wheels can be replaced which means that you can swap the old pair with a new one in case of any damage.

Now comes the specs and this is probably where things start to take a bit unfavorable turn! This does not essentially mean that they are bad as they seem to be quite balanced with that of other skateboards that belong to the entry-level or mid-range price segment. The thing is, the manufacturers did not do anything to uplift this board among so many serious competitors.

Lastly, the performance that it offers is quite satisfactory. Although a little clearance might be required while taking turns, you would not experience any glitches while accelerating or applying abrupt brakes which is far more important.

So, to sum things up, Teamgee H9 isn’t essentially a bad skateboard. We have already discussed those models, which either have stronger core specs or higher quality. This skateboard does not offer much appealing design, and with quite average craftsmanship, there is not much that will make you excited about it.

Still, this skateboard has laid the foundation for Teamgee’s future efforts, so let’s wait and see what the future brings with the next iteration of the series.


If all the above discussion has left you thinking that H9 is quite an average skateboard, then you are not quite wrong. If we look at its specs, they are pretty average too. The top speed of 37 km/h offered by it is strong, yes, but still not among the best. The next is the range of about 17 kilometers, which can only be compared with that of the Meepo 1.51 and still, the H9 loses to Meepo in terms of the speed. Even the hill climb rate is pretty low, that is, 20%, and does not add much to give it a good selling point.

Let’s not sink deeply into the drawbacks, here is some bright side too. The skateboard is run by powerful motors and is capable of carrying a load as heavy as up to 130 kilograms. Furthermore, the empty battery fully charges is only two hours.


The Teamgee H9 has got some special features too and you can find some good options here. It provides an option of going reverse and conveniently switching to cruise mode with one button. Unfortunately, there is another thing that might not give a nice impression and that is its speed settings. The remote gives the choice of only two-speed settings to the rider.

  • Has a very solid deck
  • Offers balanced features
  • Can be handled comfortably
  • Wheels can be replaced
  • Average specs
  • Discordant design
  • The craftsmanship could be better
  • Two speed options only

4- Maxfind MAX 4 PRO – Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote Control

Maxfind MAX 4PRO fastest electric longboard

Although Maxfind is an excellent electric skateboard but not as famous as Teamgee, Swagtron, and Skatebolt skateboards, so it would not be fair to compare their products head to head. As Teamgee Skateboard has higher goals, they left a huge weak point in the mid-range segment. Being quite expensive means that someone else has to fill that point so, here comes Maxfind with some affordable and budget-friendly fast electric skateboards.

Maxfind MAX 4 PRO Electric Skateboard/Longboard is an electric skateboard created by Maxfind that can successfully occupy that point. This skateboard has become our budget pick without any trouble considering that it offers incredibly valuable features at a quite affordable price!

Now let’s have an insight into this skateboard to see how cool it really is. Starting with the build quality and material, the deck of this electric skateboard has made with 8-layer Canadian maple wooden sheets, that provide an extremely sturdy body frame or structure to bear the maximum weight of 220lbs quite comfortably. Moreover, the deck is equipped with an anti-slip sandpaper/grip that perfectly helps riders’ shoes to make a perfect and strong grip/stability over the deck of the electric skateboard. So, you can ride t conveniently and comfortably. The ergonomic design of the board also enhances the support to keep your ride smooth.

Along with this, Maxfind MAX 4 PRO has Dual 750 watts motors to generate the power so you can touch the maximum speed of 26 miles per hour. Maxfind MAX 4 PRO Owens the 13200mAH eco-friendly and long-lasting lithium batteries to provide you an extensive riding mileage of 17-18 miles. You can also climb the steep incline of 30° effectively and easily.

The best thing about Maxfind MAX 4 PRO is it si totally waterproof electric skateboard with the certification code of IP65. It means you can ride this electric skateboard on any weather condition on any surface. Maxfind Max 4 Pro is a waterproof, dustproof, shockproof device so you can enjoy your ride at any time in all-time weather conditions.

The wheels and trucks are also quite durable and function more than well to provide you an ultimate riding experience. This electric skateboard has 4 different speed moods from beginner to the max. You can choose or adjust any of the speed moods according to your need quite easily. you can watch/observe the live states like speed and other functioning parameters through the LED screen of the remote control.

In the end, it can be said that this skateboard is an excellent fastest electric skateboard option is a very cheap and affordable price. If you are searching for a good rapid electric skateboard at a reasonable price consider this e-board seriously.


As mentioned above, Maxfind MAX 4 PRO is one of the fastest skateboards in the market in a bit economical price. But exactly how fast it actually is? It can achieve a top speed of about 26mph, which, we would say, is quite fast. It has powerful 750W dual brushless motors and is capable of supporting a maximum load of about 220lbs. When it comes to hill climbing, it can once again amaze you with its hill climb rate of about 30%, allowing you to have some carefree experience.

Coming towards its range, it is where the Maxfind MAX 4 PRO suffers a bit of downfall but 17 miles is an impressive one too at the same time. This is what the Maxfind MAX 4 PRO compromised on while making the other things work perfectly, as it became limited to only 17 miles. Even at low prices, we have come across some much better results.


Completely waterproof ability is the most inspiring feature of Maxfind MAX 4 PRO. Just imagine where other boards are restricted to ride in wet or rainy weather you can uninterruptedly ride your electric skateboard in such bad weather comfortably. Along with this, Maxfind MAX 4 PRO is also equipped with the removable scratch-resistant, strong aviation aluminum alloy made battery case to protect the battery. The battery replacement procedure is very simple and easy to perform within 10 seconds. with four simple steps.

  • Economical
  • It has a reliable and rigid deck
  • The board is very fast and rapid
  • Strong ability to bear the load
  • Stable acceleration and braking
  • It is totally waterproof board
  • Their is no such de-marit of this board except the limit in range.

5- Teamgee H5 37″ Electric Skateboard

Teamgee H5 37

Teamgee H5 is an excellent longboard from Teamgee Skateboards. The fact that this skateboard has a lot of features in common highlights the goodness of this core concept.

Teamgee H5 has very powerful dual motors of 380 watts that support to attain the top speed of 22 miles per hour. Teamgee H5 is another outstanding longboard from Teamgee, the deck of which is composed of high-quality 10-layer Canadian maple wood. This makes the board quite flexible. The design of this longboard is quite attractive although the thickness of the board is pretty thin about 12mm, the strength or sturdiness of its deck allows it to bear the maximum weight of 220lbs with its optimum performance.

With the help of these two 380W power motors, this electric skateboard can handle a slope of 20° and climb over comfortably. Moreover, the PU wheels provide an intense amount of grip on the surface and distribute gravity smartly to improve the riding stability. As a result, you get an uninterrupted smooth, and comfortable riding experience even on difficult or rough terrain.

Furthermore, Teamgee H5 owns a long-lasting yet slim battery to provide you 11miles of range. Due to the smart and quick charging capability, the batteries of Teamgee H5 can be fully charged in 2 hours so you can rejoin your riding instantly.

This electric skateboard is a smartboard with four-speed and braking settings from soft to strong to secure your ride. you can easily handle the functionalities through smart remote control. You can change your speed setting any time during the ride through this remote, similarly, can switch the braking mode.

In addition to this, Teamgee H5 is also equipped with a regenerative braking system that helps to recharge your batteries while braking downhill. To sum up, this electric skateboard is a complete package for students, young and office workers.

It is, overall, an ideal choice for riding in the street as well as for cross-city traveling. Teamgee H5 Is a very good budget-friendly option for those who want to ride on the fastest electric skateboard.


As stated before, the Teamgee H5 is somehow similar to the Teamgee H9 series, and this is particularly true in the case of range and speed. Under ideal conditions, the board is capable of achieving a range and top speed of about 11miles and 22 miles per hour respectively. As can be seen, these numbers are pretty good and hence, leave no room for any huge improvement.

Furthermore, this skateboard has a hill climb rate of about 20% which is pretty good for those who live in a hilly area. As for the maximum load, it can support a weight of up to 220lbs.

Sadly, there is something that you might find inconvenient. Its range is a bit low compare to the other mentioned electric skateboards.


Even though the Teamgee H9 has a slight advantage over the Teamgee H5 in terms of features, the Teamgee H5 still offers an ergonomic remote control with 4-speed modes. With the help of the remote, you can easily adjust the skateboard according to your mood and situations that you may face while riding.

The PU wheels of this electric skateboard are a good option to experience a more stable and comfortable ride even on a rough surface.

  • Exceptional speed
  • Slim design
  • Stable performance
  • Powerful dual hub motors
  • Economical
  • Quick charging (2 hours)
  • Low Range

6- SWAGSKATE NG2 38” – A.I. Powered Electric Longboard Skateboard

SWAGSKATE NG2 38 fastest electric longboard

SWAGSKATE NG2 38 is quite known as it has some good specs and features, that is why we have added this electric skateboard to this list. SWAGSKATE NG2 38 is from a Swagtron family that is well known among users all over the world. Although, all of the mentioned skateboards are quite worthy and fast compare to most of the other skateboards.

SWAGSKATE NG2 38 is equipped with dual 450 watts motors that generate numerous acceleration power. Dual brushless hub motors provide sufficient power to the board so that it can run at some quite satisfying speeds, achieve considerable range and climb some steep slopes of 15°. Considering all that, it seems that its main specs are quite balanced and its performance is quite stable. Due to the 18mph top speed, people count it as one of the fastest electric longboards in the market. There are several other features we have discussed below to provide you a reason why we have picked this electric longboard on our list. So keep reading to learn more.

Let us now thoroughly look at this skateboard in depth. SWAGSKATE NG2 38 is a quite handsome board with a slightly concave design. Its stiff deck is made up of 6-layers of premium quality maple in between the 2 layers of bamboo, which bestows sufficient flexibility and firmness to it, allowing some comfortable rides, and has the ability to bear the maximum weight of 220lbs, without affecting the control level. Full-deck grip tape is also present at the top of it, which serves to hold the rider’s feet firmly on the board and provide a great amount of stability.

Moreover, this electric skateboard has a 43.8V/3.1Ah LFP lithium-iron battery to provide you a continuous ride over 12 miles on a single charge. Due to the quick charging feature, you can recharge your longboard in 2 hours and can get over your board again. 90 x 52mm PU wheels offer you superb stability and maximize rider swiftness over the board. Robust brushless dual motors dispense to SWAGSKATE NG2 have not only faster speed, tighter turn, and smoother motion too.


As already mentioned, the core specs of SWAGSKATE NG2 38 seem quite balanced. With a top speed of 18 miles per hour, a resonable range of 12 miles in a single charge, and a hill climb rate of up to 15°, this skateboard boasts some of the quite commendable numbers.

Furthermore, it is light in weight as it weighs only 20 lb. but is capable of carrying a load as heavy as up to 220lbs adequately.

Its charging time is also quite solid as it takes only 2 hours to charge from 0% to 100%.

The most admirable feature of this electric longboard is its smart and intelligent weight and balance sensors navigation system. It means you do not need to have a remote control to operate your longboard. You only need to shift your body weight or lean forward or backward or left to right to control the speed and turns respectively. Just like the traditional cruiser skateboard.


Body controled navigation system, along with this you can also set the multiple riding modes throu a wireless remote control.

Brushless motors allow you to continue your ride even without charging. You can ride this electric skateboard just like a traditional skateboard with the push and ride technique.

  • It has balanced core specs
  • The deck allows good control over the board
  • Fast charge time
  • Somatosensory navigation system
  • Climbing Angle 15°
  • Less Range
  • Expensive

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Fastest Electric Skateboards

Is a drivers’ license required for riding an electric skateboard?

No, not really. But you need to follow the local speed limitations in case you wish to participate in the traffic (or to ride your skateboard on the road). Here are a few speed limitations of some areas to give a bit of an idea about how fast you can go:

  • California – 24km/h (15mph)
  • Australia – You can’t use an electric skateboard for commuting in streets with speed limitation that exceeds 50km/h.
  • Singapore – 15km/h on footpaths and 25km/h on cycle paths.
  • Germany – 20km/h.

Can the kids ride high-speed electric skateboards?

Yes, but they must have some skateboarding experience before riding a high-speed electric skateboard as it is not recommended to let them ride a fast one without any previous riding experience. It would be better if the children start their skateboarding experience with dedicated or regular electric skateboards.

What is the meaning of different speed settings of an electric skateboard?

This depends on the manufacturers. But you can have a look at the following general guidelines to have some idea:

  • Slow Limited speed and 20% of the battery
  • Eco Limited speed and 40% of the battery
  • Fast Full speed and 60% of the battery
  • GT No imposed limitations

Can I carry my electric skateboard on vacation?

Yes sure, but only if you are not traveling by plane. However, most airline companies allow electrical devices with batteries having over 160 watt-hours to be carried on the plane.

In what way do the curved decks affect the performance of electric skateboards?

The curved decks are chiefly divided into two groups:

  • Rocker (lowered): This type of deck has a lower center of gravity and hence, is more stable and comfortable.
  • Camber (raised): These decks are much better at shock absorption due to the extra flex that they provide. provided by these decks.

Final Words about Best Fastest Electric Skateboards

There are many skateboarders who love speed and hence, want to speed up. There are plenty of high-speed electric skateboards on the market, but with such diversity, one can get quite confused while choosing a perfect high-speed electric skateboard. We have reviewed almost 20 electric skateboards and choose the top 6 fastest electric skateboards. Among these electric skateboards, we have picked “SKATEBOLT Breeze II” as the best fastest electric skateboard in 2021. There are several reasons behind this selection which are, although there are other few electric skateboards are also in the market that has a bit more speed but we reviewed these electric skateboards on various other features to pick the overall best fastest electric skateboard. “SKATEBOLT Breeze II” has a top speed of 28mph and has a range of 15miles which is perfect. “SKATEBOLT Breeze II” is equipped with 350 watts dual hub motors. Moreover, the most adorable factor behind this pick is, “SKATEBOLT Breeze II” has 4 various speed and braking modes from soft to strong. the body frame of this board is a bit thin but it has a strong body structure, The deck, and overall body are pretty flexible yet sturdy. We have reviewed this product, above in detail you can check it out.

You may differ with our top pick and can choose other boards according to your need/requirement. But in our research, we found “SKATEBOLT Breeze II” as the fastest electric skateboard in 2021.

Furthermore, this article is intended to address such problems so that the readers can become aware of all the important things that should be considered before making a purchase. Moreover, the list of the fastest electric skateboards will also be of great help to them. I hope this article will provide you all the necessary information on the fastest electric skateboards and will ultimately help you in purchasing one. Good luck! Happy Gliding!

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