Best & Safest Helmets for Riding an Electric Skateboard

No doubt riding a skateboard is full of thrills, but your safety is all we want. Therefore, make sure to wear a best skateboard helmet before riding your board. But, which type of helmet is best-suited for skateboarding? OR what are the criteria for the safest skateboard helmet? You’ll get the answers to all such questions in this article.

What is the best Skateboard Helmet?

Get yourself the best skateboard helmet you like the most, the one that offers ultimate safety (certified with trusted safety standards) and gets fit in your head properly. Also, you should never compromise with the quality and the boundaries of your comfort. Here I have presented my top picks of the best skateboard helmet that will make it rather easy to pick one for you! So, stick to this article to learn more.

Why is it necessary to wear a helmet before riding an electric skateboard?

I highly recommend wearing an electric skateboard helmet to all of the electric skateboarders out there and especially those who don’t wear one while riding. Well, no one can really force you to wear a skateboard helmet since it’s all your call. But life is so uncertain! Circumstances changes within a blink of an eye. So, you can’t really predict any misfortune that could happen while skateboarding. Even a little fall can lead you to big trouble. Riding an electric skateboard without a helmet is no different from playing with your life. Therefore, wearing an electric longboard helmet becomes important since it works as a shock absorber that absorbs most of the energy when you fall and your head gets collided with the ground. Thus, it prevents your head from getting seriously injured.

Your head is precious, and so is your brain! A human brain is the least understood and the most complicated thing in the world, therefore, it is very much important to take care of such a delicate thing of yours! No matter how passionate you are about skateboarding but still the protection of your brain should be your top priority.

So please, if you really love yourself, your kids, your family, and your friends, then never ever try to ride your electric skateboard without an electric skateboard helmet.

Hopefully, I can convince someone to wear the best skateboard helmet through this article and, therefore, can protect someone from probably a serious injury or death.

But I don’t like skateboard helmet cause I look like a fool!

You might also think that a helmet for an electric skateboard will make you look like a fool. Well, I won’t say anything in this regard because it is so natural to feel that way! But keep in mind that in sports, especially in the electric skateboarding society, wearing a helmet is a pretty normal and conventional thing. In fact, anyone who rides a skateboard without a helmet is considered a real fool!

Now the certified skateboard helmets have evolved! A diversity of helmets is nowadays available on the market that will surely not make you look like a fool. Helmets with cool designs will rather add more swag to your skateboarding. As far as the size is concerned, many beginners buy cheap skateboard helmets online that do not even fit in their heads properly. I have also mentioned the method to measure the size of your head for a helmet that will surely help you a lot.

So, get yourself an electric skateboard helmet that offers you the ultimate safety and gets fit in your head properly.

Best Skateboard Helmets List in 2021

Full Face Electric Skateboard Helmet

If you live in an area that is always crowded with vehicles and pedestrians then a full-face helmet is perfect for you to wear while riding an electric skateboard. This type of helmet will protect your head as well as your face from all angles. There’s also a risk of getting hit by small stones or rocks on the streets. Moreover, your face and eyes can get injured by the small stones that are thrown involuntarily by moving vehicles. In that case, the protection of your eyes will surely be your top priority by using some glasses or a full face skateboard helmet. An electric skateboard full-face helmet has a visor that will not only prevent your eyes from little stones but from the wind too since nobody would like to get teary eyes while skateboarding.

1. TSG Pass – Best Full Face Helmet for Electric Skateboard

TSG Pass - Best Skateboard Helmet

Now let’s get the ball rolling with the best full-face skateboard helmet so far available on the market. The name is TGS Pass which is a multi-layered glass shell with a high surface area to weight ratio that makes it pretty strong yet lighter in weight. This full-face helmet provides a wide viewing angle that will not affect your peripheral vision. Moreover, its built-in ventilation system can draw your breath out of the helmet and helps in making a fog-free vision. It also has an anti-fog coating that guarantees a clear vision all the time. It also has openings for the ear that allow you to hear the surrounding noises. Besides this, it comes with adjustable cheek pads that can fit comfortably into the heads of different sizes and has a removable and washable inner layer. This headgear is designed around the human head and shorter in the front that makes it safer to use, more elegant, and attractive.

Its features aside, TGS Pass full-face helmet is International Downhill Federation Certified and lined with EPS Impact Foam. EPS foam liners are the industry standard for action sports and offer good energy distribution and penetration resistance. This safest skateboard helmet contains two spherical visors, one of which is Electric Silver and the other one is clear, both of them offer 100% UVA and UVB protection.
Now let’s see the various sizes that it offers for the forehead wrapping which is the widest part of the head.

  • 1. Small: It has a circumference of 21.3 to 22 inches (54 to 56 centimeters).
  • 2. Medium: It has a 22 to 22.8 inched circumference (56 to 58 centimeters).
  • 3. Large:It has a 22.8 to 23.6 inched circumference (58 to 60 centimeters).
  • 4. Extra Large: It has a 23.6 to 24 inched circumference (60 to 61 centimeters).

It is ASTM F1952 and EN1078 rated, and also certified by the International Downhill Federation as the best Longboard Downhill helmet available on the market. The price of this helmet is, quite reasonable for a quality safety products.

  • Have 2 trusted safety standard certifications
  • Offers wide viewing angle
  • Protects your whole face in all directions
  • Comes in several colors
  • Quite expensive
  • Often out of stock

2. S1 Lifer Full-face – Best Full Face Longboard Helmet

S1 Lifer Full-face - Best Full Face Longboard Helmet

S1 Lifer is the full-face version of the Lifer Helmet with the same feel, fit, and protection. This lightweight skateboard helmet contains a uniquely designed EPS Fusion Foam that ensures the protection of your head against different low and high force impacts. The worth mentioning thing about this electric skateboard helmet is that it is a certified multi-impact helmet that gives up to 5x more protection compared to the other non-certified soft foam skate helmets. The headgear passes the CPSC high impact test and the ASTM multiple impact test. Soft foam skate helmets, on the other hand, fail both of these certification tests. Now moving towards the price, S1 Lifer is a bit expensive. The price of the helmet varies with its size and design.

  • Uses a uniquely designed EPS Fusion Foam
  • High Impact CPSC Certified
  • Multi-Impact ASTM Certified
  • Provides 5x more protection than regular soft skate helmets
  • Deep Fit Design
  • Have 2 trusted safety standard certifications
  • Offers wide viewing angle
  • Designed to protects your whole face
  • Pretty expensive

3- Triple 8 Downhill Racer Helmet – Best Downhill Skateboard Helmet

Triple 8 Downhill Racer Helmet for skateboards

Triple 8 Downhill Racer Helmet is a hand-laid fiberglass shell with a shatter-resistant flip-up visor. It has an aerodynamic design that helps in limiting wind resistance and an EPS foam liner with velvet lining. Moreover, this downhill skateboard helmet includes 2 sets of extra fit pads to customize the fit. Now coming towards safety, triple 8 is dual certified since it satisfies the ASTM F1952 downhill mountain bike racing and CPSC 1203 bike safety standards. In terms of price, this skate helmet is also quite expensive with a price of a few hundred dollars that varies with its size and design.

Now let’s peek at the different sizes of triple 8. I hope this will help you in choosing the best fit for the circumference of your head starting from your forehead.

  • 1. Extra Small/ Small: 18.9 to 21.3 inches (48 to 54 centimeters) in circumference.
  • 2. Small/ Medium: 21.7 to 22.8 inches (55 to 58 centimeters) in circumference.
  • 3. Large/ Extra Large: 23.2 to 24 inches (59 to 61 centimeters) in circumference.
  • Have 2 trusted safety standard certifications
  • Offers wide viewing angle
  • Designed to protects your whole face
  • Expensive
  • Lacks ventilation and can cause fogging

4- Ruroc RG1-DX – Cool Full Face Skateboard Helmet

Ruroc RG1-DX Electric Skateboard Helmet

The designs and looks of the Ruroc electric longboard helmet make them quite different from the other typical helmets. You will easily be impressed with its unique looks that will surely make you want it. With its insane get-up, it provides protection just similar to the other helmets especially when the temperature drops. For your information Ruroc RG1-DX is not a full-face helmet, it rather guards your mouth and chin along with your head. Just like other good skateboard helmets, RG1-DX has also passed the following certification tests.

  • i. EN1077A (for all sizes)
  • ii. EN1078 (for small, medium, large and extra-large sizes)
  • iii. ATSM F2040 (for small, medium, and large sizes)

Now moving towards the price, this shell is also quite expensive with a price range of 300€ to 360€. The price, however, depends on different sizes and styles.

  • Have impressive designs
  • Can also be used for snowboarding and skiing
  • Has 2 safety standard certifications
  • Not an actual full-face helmet
  • Pricey
  • Not very suitable for summer

5- Giro Switchblade MIPS – Proffessional Full Face Longboard Helmet

Giro Switchblade MIPS – Proffessional Full Face Longboard Helmet

ATSM-Downhill certified the Giro Switchblade MIPS is a full-face helmet with a removable chin bar that makes it a 2in1 helmet just like Bell’s Super 3R MIPS. You can remove this easily removable chin bar and put it in your backpack and can attach it to the helmet for faster and thrillful rides. Similar to Bell 3R MIPS, the process of installation and removal is pretty simple, tool-free, and takes only a few seconds.

The things that make Giro Switchable different from Bell Super 3R is its ventilation and protection level. The Bell provides more ventilation (have ventilation holes that keep the head cooler even in hot summer) but less protection. The Giro on the flip side does not provide such ventilation but more protection instead.

Talking about the safety standards, the Giro has got three safety certifications; ASTM-1952-DH, CE EN1078, and CPSC Bicycle (with and without the chin bar). In terms of price, it costs more or less $270.

Now let’s peek at the different sizes of the Giro Switchable MIPS helmet but before that let’s see how to determine the correct helmet size. First of all, take the measuring tape and wrap it around the head. Make sure to keep the tape just above the ears and level from front to back. Once you’ve done measuring, you are ready to go and pick one of the best skateboard helmet!

  • Small: It is 20 to 21.65 inches (51 to 55 centimeters) in circumference.
  • Medium: It is from 21.65 to 23.35 (55 to 59 centimeters) in circumference.
  • Large: It is from 23.25 to 24.8 (59 to 63 centimeters) in circumference.
  • Comes with MIPS
  • Provides wide viewing angle
  • 2in1 helmet
  • ATSM-Downhill certified
  • Has three safety certifications
  • Lacks ventilation
  • Quite heavy

*Convertibles– Half shell and full-face Helmets for Electric Skateboarding – the Hybrids

1. Bell Super 3R (MIPS)

Bell Super 3R (MIPS)

The Bell Super 3R is a half-lid as well as a full-face helmet. With its unique removable chin bar, Super 3R gives you a combination of two helmets in one. You can boost your confidence to ride your skateboard faster and in every trail situation (such as long and steep terrains), all thanks to its easily removable chin bar. For this reason, it is known as a helmet for all-mountain riding. The process of installation and removal of this helmet is quite easy, tool-free, and takes a few seconds only. Moreover, the visor of Super 3R is quite adjustable up and down and is pretty useful in keeping the sun or rain out of your eyes. In addition to it, it can easily hold the goggles on your face and stows them under the visor. Besides this, Super 3R has got an integrated breakaway camera mount. It also features a tension screw on both sides that can be manipulated without any tool.

Moving towards the safety standard certifications, the Bell Super 3R Mips is dual certified; CPSC Bicycle and CE EN1078. In terms of price, it ranges from about $200 to $250 that varies according to different sizes.

Now let’s see the various sizes that it offers for the circumference of your head (forehead wrapping which is the widest part of the head).

  • Small: It is 20.5 to 22 inches (52 to 56 centimeters) in circumference.
  • Medium: It is 21.7 to 23.3 (55 to 59 centimeters) in circumference.
  • Large: It is 22.8 to 24.4 (58 to 62 centimeters) in circumference.
  • Comes with MIPS
  • A 2in1 helmet
  • Breakaway safety feature
  • Has two safety certifications
  • It is not certified from top trusted standards

What does MIPS mean?

It is a modern helmet safety standard that is established by neurosurgeons and scientists to lessen the rotational forces to the head during angled impacts.

Half Shell Best Skateboard Helmet

If you don’t like speedy rides or if you can’t bear a full-face helmet, then you should at least wear a half-shell helmet for your head’s safety. I believe that full-face helmets are not inconspicuous that will make you hate wearing it. But still, your safety is what we want. So here I present a list of half-shell electric skateboard helmets so that you choose one for you. You won’t look like a dork when wearing it. Trust me!

1- S1 Lifer – Adult Skateboard Helmet

S1 Lifer half shell Electric Longboard Helmet

Helmets designed by the Lifer have a uniquely designed EPS Fusion Foam that provides 5x more protection than the other regular soft foam skate helmets. The S1 lifer half-shell youth skateboard helmet comes with paddings in all sizes that allow you to customize fitting (tight or loose) of your own choice. Moreover, this means the skateboard helmet has a deep fit design that makes it pretty comfortable.

Now let’s see what deep fit design actually is! It means that the helmet will sit lower than other cool skateboard helmets. This feature provides a better fit and more protection. Besides this, the S1 lifer comes in a lot of colors and finishes. In terms of price, this one is rather a wallet-friendly adult skateboard helmet.

  • Highly Certified (ASTM; Multi-Impact Certified and CPSC; High Impact Certified)
  • Has been proven as one of the safest helmets available on the market
  • Available in many colors
  • Sometimes too small (better size up)

2- Triple 8 Dual Certified – Certified Skateboard Helmets

Triple 8 Dual Certified Electric Skateboard Helmet

This one adheres to the U.S. CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets for users of age 5 and above and ASTM F-1492-08 Safety Standards for electric skateboarding. The triple 8 has put everything they know about helmet technology in this model. It is, as the name implies, dual certified for skateboards as well as bikes, and also possesses the MIPS technology that lessens the rotational forces caused by angled impacts. Its manufacturer has worked closely with the longboarding, commuting, BMX, and thereby to refine the fit, shape, and function.

Moreover, this black skateboard helmet also certified with AS/NZS 2063; Bicycle Helmets and CE EN 1078; Helmets for skateboarders, pedal cyclists, and roller skaters. Pricewise, it is also not an expensive one.

Now let’s peek at the different sizes of triple 8. I hope this will help you in choosing the best fit for the circumference of your head starting from your forehead.

  • Extra Small/ Small: 19.7 to 21.5 inches (50 to 55 centimeters) in circumference.
  • Small/ Medium: 21.5 to 22.75 inches (55 to 58 centimeters) in circumference.
  • Large/ Extra Large: 23.75 to 24 inches (58 to 61 centimeters) in circumference.
  • Guarantees premium protection
  • Has 4 safety certifications
  • Comes with MIPS
  • Available in many colors
  • Sometimes too small (better size up)

3- Triple Eight Gotham – Triple Eight Skateboard Helmet

Triple Eight Gotham Electric Skateboard Helmet

Now turning to this super smart and urban styled helmet, the Triple Eight’s GOTHAM, which is also Dual Certified with the patented MIPS Technology. It features the Conehead EPS liner which makes the helmet lighter in weight with greater energy displacement on impact.

Besides this, it has Triple Eight logo vents, a subtle brim, and a grooved EPS for exceptional airflow. The Gotham triple eight skateboard helmet possesses eminent Sweatsaver fit pads that add more comfort to your head and contains two sets to customize the fit. Moreover, this triple 8 skateboard helmet has got an adjustable Fit Dial System with a reflective dial, to develop a custom fit. After looking at its excellent specs, I must say that there are a few other helmets available that come close to the safety, comfort, and good looks of the Gotham. Moving towards its dual certification, it is certified with the U.S. CPSC Bike and ASTM Skate safety standards. It is also not so pricey and costs approximately $75. However, the price varies with different sizes.

Now let’s see the different sizes of the Gotham. I hope this will help you in choosing the best fit for the circumference of your head starting from your forehead.

  • Extra Small/ Small: 18.9 to 21.3 inches (48 to 54 centimeters) in circumference.
  • Small/ Medium: 21.7 to 22.8 inches (55 to 58 centimeters) in circumference.
  • Large/ Extra Large: 23.3 to 24 inches (59 to 61 centimeters) in circumference.
  • Dual certified
  • Comes with MIPS
  • Classy design
  • Excellent helmet for cold weather
  • Lacks air vent that can cause overheating in hot summer.

4- Bern Watts – Mens Skateboard Helmet

Bern Watts Electric Skateboard Helmet

Bern’s Watts is a blue-collar special. With its classic and durable Bern design, it has a baseball-hat-inspired hard visor that adds fun to your morning and evening commutes. Most importantly, this men’s skateboard helmet has a true EPS/ABS construction and features a moisture-controlling premium liner and an excellent Bern’s Crank Fit dial-adjustable fit system. Watts offers you an all-season versatility since it has got both snow and bike safety certifications. In terms of price, it costs more or less $60 and its price varies with different sizes.
Now let’s see the different sizes of Watts. I hope this will help you in choosing the best fit for the circumference of your head starting from your forehead.

  • Small: 52 to 55.5 centimeters in circumference.
  • Medium: 55.5 to 59 centimeters in circumference.
  • Large: 59 to 62 centimeters in circumference.
  • Has triple safety standard certification
  • All-season customization
  • Bike light compatible
  • Air vents don’t contain many locks (Too small)

5- Thousand helmet – Girls Skateboard Helmet

Thousand Best Skateboard Helmet

Thousand is a lightweight helmet that weighs 410 grams for small size, 450 grams for medium, and 490 grams for the large. this lightest skateboard helmet is also dual certified and has passed CPSC and CE EN 1078 safety standards certification tests. Moreover, this women’s skateboard helmet contains two sets of fit pads for a custom fit. Another interesting feature is its secret pop lock that allows you to lock your helmet with your bicycle.

Now let’s see the various sizes that it offers for the circumference of your head (forehead wrapping which is the widest part of the head).

  • Small: It is 21.25 to 22.37 inches (54 to 57 centimeters) in circumference.
  • Medium: It is from 22.37 to 23.25 (57 to 59 centimeters) in circumference.
  • Large: It is from 23.25 to 24.37 (59 to 62 centimeters) in circumference.

The company recommends taking the smaller size if you can’t choose between sizes

  • Has dual safety certifications
  • Has a pop-hole lock inside
  • Lighter in weight
  • Good looking
  • Lacks Ventilation
  • Pricey

Helmets with integrated LEDs

1- Lumos Matrix – Best Skateboard Helmet with LED Lights

Lumos Matrix Best Skateboard Helmet with LED Lights

Lumos electric skateboard helmet feature integrated LEDs on both the back and the front of the helmet that helps you in riding your bike or skateboard even at night. The famous helmet company has now introduced its two upgraded models known as Lumos Matrix and Lumos Street. Both of these helmets have the ability to indicate turns and automatic brake lights.

The Lumos Matrix features a bigger LED panel at the back of the shell that lets you program your own backlighting modes. On the other hand, the Street is a simpler one that has only three LED strips at the back of the helmet. Since these cool skateboard helmets are integrated with LED lights, it has a 10h battery that gives power to the helmet. Moreover, it comes with remote control with which you can express the turn signals. Despite such tech and safety features, it weighs 580 grams only. That’s pretty light! Isn’t it? The tech-talk doesn’t end here.

Another interesting feature of Lumos helmets is that you can track your rides via the Lumos app and share data with Google Fit or Apple Health. Apart from its cool tech, this black skateboard helmet has passed four safety certifications; CPSC, F1492, EN1078, and AS2063, which is the best thing about Lumos. So, you can enjoy a swag and care-free ride with the Lumos helmet for an electric skateboard.

The price of this helmet is, however, touching the high sky, ranging from about $270 to $290. Thus, the Lumos Electric skateboard helmet is not wallet-friendly at all!

  • Has 4 safety standard certifications
  • Has a stylish design
  • Has front and rear lights
  • Comes with MIPS
  • Turn Signal Indicator
  • Pricey

2- Lumos Street – Electric Skateboard Helmet with Lights

Lumos Street Skateboard Helmet With LED Lights

As mentioned earlier, the Lumos Street is a little simpler than the Matix and has only three strips of LEDs integrated at the back of the helmet. It features white lights at the front and red at the back of the helmet that increases your visibility in the dark, thus, results in increasing your safety. More interestingly, it has built-in accelerometers that detect acceleration and braking. The lights at the back of the helmet glow brighter when the accelerometers detect braking. Blinking arrows indicate the turns which point out the direction you are taking a turn in. With these wonderful features, this lightweight skateboard helmet with LED Lights has got a large number of reviews and has earned a bigger fan following. Pricewise, it is a bit expensive with a price range of $220 to $240.

  • Has 4 safety standard certifications
  • Has a stylish design
  • Has front and rear lights
  • Comes with MIPS
  • Turn Signal Indicator
  • Pricey

3- Lumos Kickstarter – Best Kids Skateboard Helmet

Lumos Kickstarter Best Skateboard Helmet for Kids

Just like the Street, the Lumos Kickstarter kids skateboard helmet has also got white LEDs at the front and red at the back of the helmet which increases your visibility at night and, therefore, increases your safety. It also features built-in accelerometers to detect braking and acceleration. The red lights at the back of the helmet glow brighter upon braking and the turns are indicated by the blinking arrows in the right direction. This helmet for electric skateboard has also earned quite a fame and a ton of good reviews. Pricewise, this child skateboard helmet is a bit expensive with a price range of $160 to $180.

  • Has 4 safety standard certifications
  • Has front and rear lights
  • Comes with MIPS
  • Turn Signal Indicator
  • Pricey

Foldable helmets

1. Morpher Helmet – white Cheap skateboard helmet

Morpher Cheap skateboard helmet

Morpher is a bicycle helmet that can be folded. In November 2013, the company started to raise funds via Indiegogo to introduce a new variety of helmets and hence, produced their first flat-folding helmets. There are four magnets inside this helmet that keeps it flat when folded. In terms of safety, the Morpher is certified under CE/ EN 1078 for Europe and CPSC for the US and Canada.

2. Overade Plixi

Overade Plixi

Override Plixi is a hard-shell folding helmet that has a sophisticated folding mechanism. It is certified under the CEN and CPSC safety standards. Its impact performance was rated very good in the Consumer Reports’ 2016 helmet article but it later on down rated the helmet for its fit and ventilation.

Things that you should always consider before buying a best Electric skateboard helmet

There are several aspects that you should always consider before buying a helmet for electric skateboarding. So before picking a catchy one, make sure whether that helmet is comfortable and safe enough to use, or will it match your budget?

A Full-face or a Half-shell helmet?

Let’s analyze the difference between these two helmets first. The major difference between the two is that a full-face helmet protects your jaws, chin, and eyes (as it often comes with a visor), on the other hand, the half-shell protects your head only or maybe sometimes your chin too. Mostly, the high-performance and high-speed electric skateboard users prefer to use a full-face helmet for better protection. Daily commuters, however, mostly use a half-shell helmet since they ride their electric skateboards at lower speeds. If you are not a regular rider and if you don’t ride at faster speeds (more than 25 kilometers per hour) plus if you don’t care about the looks or you want to look like a normal skateboarder, then a half-shell helmet is a perfect choice for you!

Size and Fit

One of the most important things that you should know about is the size of the helmet. Make sure that whether the helmet you’ve chosen fits properly in your head or not. Besides this, a helmet should be comfortable enough that can cover your head horizontally!

How to measure your head to fit into a helmet properly:

For the measurement of your head, first of all, take a measuring tape or a cord along with a folding meter stick (a pocket ruler can also work). Now, wrap the tape around your head and make sure to put it just above your eyebrows, that is, around your forehead. The tape should abut on your head but not gush. Now you can easily read the circumference of your head at the point of intersection of the tape. If you are using a cord, then mark the point of intersection and measure the length from the beginning to the marked point of the cord through a meter stick.

That’s how you can measure the circumference of your head so easily. I have mentioned above the sizes of different helmets and I hope they’ll be useful for you if you are reading this article and will surely help you to shop helmets online.

Tips for the perfect fit
  • First of all, we adapt the shell width! We can normally achieve this with an adjustable strap of the helmet. The most comfortable helmet might not essentially be the priciest one.

    You can check a helmet that fits perfectly by bending yourself and shaking your head without closing the chin strap.

  • Secondly, we adapt the chin strap! You should always fasten the chin straps tightly past the ears down to the chin. For maneuvers, it is recommended that one finger should fit between your chin and the strap when its buckle is closed and then the chin strap will adjust accordingly. If it is done so, then you would not be able to pull your helmet away from your head.


It has rightly been said Speed thrills but kills. If you ride your skateboard at higher speeds, that is, more than 25 kilometers per hour (15 miles per hour) then you should go for a full-face helmet. This is because falling from an electric skateboard running at such can cause serious injuries (such as breakage of the jaw bone) and even death. However, at lower speeds, a fall will leave a few bruises on your face. Therefore, if you are a speed thriller, then you should take proper precautionary measures before riding your skateboard. Since speedy rides cause teary-eyes, you’ll want to cover your eyes too. A full-face helmet often comes with a visor that can be really helpful for you!

Safety standards

Certification with top safety standards is considered to be the most vital aspect of a helmet. You must look for a helmet that provides the actual protecting quality. You do love your life. Don’t you? So, please if you don’t use helmets, then start wearing one which guarantees your safety. You can also judge the protecting quality of a helmet with safety standards that do impact ratings.
Construction-wise, the outer shell of a helmet is usually composed of polycarbonate plastic, fiberglass, or Kevlar. The core generally contains polypropylene or polystyrene foam that acts as shock absorbers and absorb impact forces due to collision of the head with the ground and protects your skull from damage. After an impact, your helmet won’t be able to give the protection of the expected level no matter how good it still looks from the outside.

Now let’s get to know about the EPS liners. EPS (expanded polystyrene) liner is basically a black or a hard grey foam inside the helmet which absorbs the majority of impact force. Keep in mind that the EPS of your helmet is certified with CPSC standards. The certified EPS always doesn’t mean it actually is, so beware of scams.
Following is the list that contains different standards.

  • AS/NZS – Standards Australia and Standards New Zealand
  • ASTM – American Society for Testing and Materials International
  • CPSC – U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
  • CSA – Canadian Standards Association;
  • DOT – Department of Transportation;
  • EN – Euro-norm or European Standard from the European Committee for Standardization
  • Snell – Snell Memorial Foundation.

You will likely come across these safety standards regarding helmets:

  • CPSC Standard: Safety Standard of “The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission” for Bicycle Helmets
  • ASTM F1492: Standard specification for helmets used for Bicycling, Skateboarding, Trick Roller Skating
  • ASTM F1952: Safety Standard for Downhill Mountain Bicycle Helmets
  • ASTM F1447: Safety Standard for bicycle helmets
  • Snell N-94: This standard characterizes the helmets for non-motorized sports use (bicycling included). Helmets certified to this Standard meets all the requirements for the Snell Memorial Foundation’s Standard for bicyclist helmets. The Snell Memorial Foundation, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to education, research, testing and development of helmet safety standards.
  • EN 1078: European Safety Standard for Helmets for pedal cyclists, skateboarders, & roller skaters
  • AS/NZS 2063: Australian/New Zealand Safety Standard for Bicycle helmets.

Note: Keep in mind that the helmet you are going to buy should at least have the weakest standard certification. In the case of helmets for electric skateboarding, the ATSM F1492 certification is the bare minimum

New vs Second Hand

Never ever go for a used or a second-hand helmet. You’ll of course never like to fit your head into someone’s sweat-soaked helmet but more importantly, you just really know how many times it has fallen hard. So, you will totally be uncertain about its structural uprightness that whether it has already been weakened or not! A helmet should be replaced regularly.

Field of view

For an electric skateboarder, the field of view or the viewing angle of a helmet is also very important. Your helmet should be good enough to let you detect the cracks and the holes in the pavement so that you’ll try to avoid them. Therefore, your helmet should have a decent field of view especially if you ride your electric skateboard in urban areas. However, in cities, you should beware of traffic.


Nobody likes heavy helmets! Wearing heavy helmets will cause pain in your neck especially if you ride your electric skateboard for extended periods. Therefore, you should pick a lightweight helmet so that your neck will feel burden-free.


Never fall for the lower prices of helmets from unknown brands. You should always pick one that belongs to some renowned brand. Money isn’t important but the protection of your head is! So do whatever it takes for its protection. You can buy a half-shell helmet from $30 to $90, on the other hand, a full-face helmet can cost anywhere from $150 to $400.

Design and graphics

Pick a helmet you find cool! Well, the graphics don’t play any part in the protection, however, the looks of your helmet might be the reason that makes you dislike wearing a helmet.

Climate / Weather

You should buy a helmet that suits the climate of your region. If you ride your skateboard in a hot area, then a helmet with perfect ventilation and quality sweat liners should be your choice. However, for a cold place, a warm helmet without air vents is perfect.

Cooling and Air Vents

Air vents basically function as a cooling system that lets the warmth of your helmet out in the atmosphere and are the source of ventilation. These are the tiny holes you see on your helmet. The number and size of these holes vary with different brands. There should be a large number of vents on your helmet if you want to use it during summer.

Sweat liners

Skating makes your head sweaty. The sweat liners of your helmet work as a sweat absorber and hence, it will help to reduce the amount of sweat running down on your face. It must be noted that the sweat liners of your helmet should be replaced regularly since they are prone to bacterial growth over time.

Common Asked Questions

Which full-face helmet is the best helmet for an electric skateboard?

The best full face skateboard helmet is TSG Pass at present, which is the International Downhill federation certified for being the best Longboard Downhill helmet available. It is ASTM F1952 and EN1078 rated, which are one of the most trusted safety standards present right now. It is constructed very well and looks pretty savage. That’s all I think you’ll expect from a helmet. Am I right?

Which half-shell helmet is the best for electric skateboarding?

For a half-shell helmet, the Triple 8 Dual Certified is the best one right now! It is not certified for only two times as its name suggests, but actually 4 times. It is the most popular helmet among BMX riders and skateboarders and has also proven to be the safest one to use.

Why can’t we use a motorcycle helmet?

As far as motorcycle helmets are concerned, they are devised to give protection when you fall on the ground while over speeding (over 65 miles per hour). These helmets have many EPS foams for better protection but in return, they become pretty heavy. Moreover, they have a poor field of view which is not good for skateboarding. Therefore, we can say that they are not as good as skate helmets since they lack a wide viewing angle and can cause pain in your neck.

Helmet types that do work

  • Bicycle helmets (especially downhill bicycle helmets)
  • Longboard helmets (especially downhill longboard helmets)
  • Skateboard helmets

When should I replace my helmet for electric skateboarding?

Helmets are meant for the protection of your head. They don’t break so easily no matter how many times you drop them. But you should not wait for your helmet to be entirely broken if you want to get a new one.

The helmet brands, however, recommend you to replace your helmet after using it for 3-5 years, or maybe 7 years after the manufacture date, or if your helmet sustains harm from a crash.

Skateboard, longboard, and motorcycle helmets are designed as a one-time-impact protective material. The shock-absorbing foams inside them damage due to pressure but the material does not rebound. Thus, a helmet will fail to completely protect the rider from further crashes if it already has damaged from one part.

Should I change my helmet after dropping it?

The answer is NO. Although they are one-use items, they are still pretty durable especially the certified ones. However, dropping them frequently to the ground or other hard surfaces may affect its performance. For instance, if you are holding a helmet in your hands and suddenly drop it to the ground at highway speeds, you must know that some deterioration may have occurred. Generally, the real damage takes place when your helmet collides with a hard surface with the head inside.

Final Words about the Best Skateboard Helmet

Wearing a helmet is something very important for both skateboard enthusiasts and normal commuters. “But people will make fun of me and call me a fool if I wear a helmet!” If you think so, then you should clear up your mind of such discouraging thoughts because this is in reverse nowadays. Those who don’t wear a helmet look like an idiot because they don’t know how troublesome it could be. No matter you ride at slow speed or on simple terrains, a minor injury can lead you to big trouble. So I request you all to please wear one!

Now I’d like to end this article and hope you’ll find it pretty informative. Stay safe everyone and happy skateboarding!

You should wear the best skateboard helmet while skateboarding to save you from injury. Read this guide to know about the best electric skateboard helmets

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