Boosted vs Evolve. Which Electric Skateboards Are Better?

A Comparison of Boosted vs Evolve – Which Electric Skateboards Are Better?

Boosted vs Evolve, both the companies are certainly the most famous among the electric skateboard brands in today’s market. Both of the companies have put forward some superb quality electric skateboards with exceptional performance. The amount of satisfaction, which these electric skateboards offer, can be determined by thousands of excellent reviews by a huge number of riders. So, we here presenting a comprehensive comparison of boosted board vs evolve. Following you will discover each and everything related to these two well-renowned brands. So, let’s jump into the sea of information.

Boosted, at present, deals in 4 different kinds of electric skateboards which are:

  • Boosted Stealth
  • Boosted Plus
  • Boosted Mini X
  • Boosted Mini S

On the other hand, the Evolve brand offers electric skateboards of 3 different kinds:

But which brand is victorious when it comes to a face to face battle? We are quite interested to meet the sole true king after all!

So, in the pursuit of the triumphant brand, let’s check out the boards that are standing face to face in this battle!

Boosted Stealth Vs Carbon GTR

It looks pretty just when we compare boosted vs evolve as both these brands offer the priciest electric skateboards with the best performance.

Price Comparison

Let’s start with the price comparison first. The Boosted Stealth costs around $1,599 and it is the only available option.

The Evolve Carbon GTR, on the other hand, offers the following three options with the price starting from $1,999.

  • Carbon GTR Street for $1,999
  • Carbon GTR All-Terrain for $1,999
  • Carbon GTR 2 in 1 for $2,249

Let me now explain the difference among the above-mentioned Carbon GTR boards. As the name implies, the Carbon GTR Street electric skateboard has got street-style wheels and is, therefore, ideal for carving on flat surfaces.

Boosted Stealth Vs Carbon GTR - Boosted vs Evolve

The All-Terrain is best suited for off-road skateboarding adventures as its large thick wheels allow it to move on irregular and rough terrains.

The last one is 2 in 1, which comes with both the all-terrain and street-style wheels and provides you with the liberty of swapping them according to your will.

The price difference between the two boards (the Boosted and the Evolve) is about $400-$650 (which depends on the Carbon GTR option you purchase).

Now the question is, is it fair to pay $400 more for the Carbon GTR? Is that skateboard really worth it?

To look for the answer, let’s dive deeper into their performance and specs.

Performance Comparison

In terms of performance, the Boosted Stealth offers a top speed of about 24 miles per second, a mileage of about 14 miles, and an inclining rate of 25%. These figures are not bad in my opinion!

The Evolve Carbon GTR, however, comes with a top speed of 26 miles per second, mileage of up to 31 miles, and an inclining rate of about 30%. AMAZING! Now, this is some outstanding performance!

So here, the Carbon GTR overwhelms the Boosted Stealth.

  • Firstly, it is faster.
  • Secondly, it has a quite good hill climb rate.
  • And lastly, their mileage is not even comparable. The Boosted Stealth offers a range of 14 miles which is not even a half of that of Evolve’s GTR, which is 31 miles.

Boosted Plus Vs Bamboo GTR

Boosted Plus Vs Bamboo GTR - Boosted Board vs Evolve

Now comes the cheaper skateboards from both sides. Although they cost lesser, their performance is not too different from the previous ones. So, if you want to save some money, you can easily consider these.

Price Comparison

The price of Boosted Plus is about $1,399.

The Evolve Bamboo GTR, on the other hand, costs about $1,899.

Just like the Carbon GTR series, the Bamboo GTR also comes in three different models with different prices.

  • Street ($1,899)
  • All-Terrain ($1,899)
  • 2 in 1 ($2,149)

It can be seen that Boosted Plus is cheaper than all the three models of Bamboo GTR. Furthermore, it can be noted that even the Boosted Stealth is cheaper than the Bamboo GTR series.

There is a sharp difference of $500 between the prices of Boosted Plus and Bamboo GTR, and this might have a huge part in consumer purchasing.

Performance Comparison

Let’s compare their performances to see if the price difference is justified.
With the Boosted Plus, you can achieve a top speed of about 22 miles per hour, an extended range of up to 40 miles, and a hill climb rate of about 25%.

Contrarily, the Bamboo GTR is capable of providing a top speed of 26 miles per hour, a mileage of about 31 miles, and a hill climb rate of up to 30%.

Once again, the Evolve wins due to its better overall performance.

This does not mean that the Boosted Plus has any less of the great specs. It still offers an awesome top speed of 22 mph with a 14 miles range! Although not as much as the Bamboo GTR, still.

It is, however, noteworthy that both the Evolve Bamboo GTR and the Evolve Carbon GTR have EXACTLY the same performance! So, you can conveniently buy the Bamboo GTR which offers the same specs as that of the Carbon GTR, and save up to $100! These two only differ from each other due to their decks.

Boosted Mini’s Vs Evolve Stoke

The last battle between the Boosted vs Evolve skateboards is about their smaller board models.

Here come the cheaper, smaller, lighter, and more compact boards, the Boosted Mini and the Evolve Stoke, from the respective companies.

Boosted Mini’s Vs Evolve Stoke - Boosted vs Evolve

Price Comparison

Following two versions of the Boosted Mini are available in the market:

  • The Boosted Mini S for about $749.
  • The Boosted Mini X for about $999.
  • The Evolve Stokes, however, costs around $1,299.

I have already mentioned that these are the cheaper electric skateboards but by looking at their prices, it seems that Evolve Stoke is still too expensive!

But is it too early to assume things? Well! we still have to explore the specs of both these electric skateboards.

Performance Comparison

The Mini S offers top speed, mileage, and hill climb rate of about 18 miles per hour, 7 miles, and 20% respectively. The Mini X offers a little more with a top speed of about 20 miles per hour, an extended range of up to 14 miles, and a hill climb rate of about 30%.

Let’s now head towards the Evolve Stoke, which is capable of providing a top speed of 22 miles per hour, a mileage of 10 miles, and a 30% hill climbing rate.

All these boards have very similar features and performance, but in my opinion, Mini X is more preferable due to its range and lower price as compared to the Stoke.

Additional Information about Boosted vs Evolve

Service and Support

While buying an electric skateboard, it is important to keep in mind the service and support that the company will offer.
Both of these skateboard companies have apps that are available for IOS and have acceptable reviews.

There have been some complaints about the connectivity of the app with the board. But when the app properly works, the rider gets all the information about the board like the range, top speed, remaining battery, a map, and trail of your rides. It also offers software updates for the board.

Also, there is a support page on the Boosted website where they will assist you in dealing with various issues that you might have with the board like the defects and problems. The support page includes common questions, installation guides, maintenance tips, orders, and much more!


All the skateboards from the Boosted and the Evolve come with a 1-year warranty. You will be covered in case you find any manufacturing issue in the skateboard.

As both the companies offer similar warranties, this round ends in a tie.

Final Words about Boosted vs Evolve

All the boards that are mentioned in this article come from renowned skateboard companies and are doubtlessly very good in performance. This makes it quite hard to choose one. But talking about the preferences, if you want to save some money, then go for the Boosted, and if you want absolute performance, then there is nothing better than the Evolve!

Now coming towards my personal pick, I will go for Evolve Bamboo GTR. The reason for it is that if we look at the prices, the Boosted skateboards are already expensive. So, I don’t see any harm in spending a bit more money to buy a skateboard with even better performance!

Another thing that you might also consider the Boosted is its better support system.

In the end, the choice is all yours! It is up to you to choose one from boosted vs evolve that you think is perfect for you. With that, I would like to wish you good luck! Happy skating!

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