Electric Skateboard vs Scooter

Electric skateboards and Scooters both are known as the last mile commuting vehicles. Both of the vehicles have their own merits and demerits but the question is which one is better and more suitable for you. To give you a comprehensive answer, we have compiled a detailed guide about electric skateboard vs scooter.

Electric Skateboard vs Scooter

You can judge electric skateboard and electric scooter by analyzing them on various factors like, which one is fast, which tool is easy to handle or commute, which one is affordable/cheaper, which one is more practical and easy to maintain. These factors will help you to find the best and the most suitable computing device. Both of these tools are easy to carry with you in public transportation to cover your last mile destination.

Following you will learn the details about the most common and valuable information to know more about electric scooter vs skateboard.

Differences between electric skateboard vs scooter

Which one is faster?

This is the most frequently asked question and we all know people have more curiosity to know which tool is faster. We are comparing both of them on their speed factor. So, according to the ‘Guinness Book of World Records’, the electric skateboard has touched the top limit of 59.55mph. Although it varies from model to model. Blink Qu4tro and the Boosted Stealth are the two fastest electric skateboards.

In electric scooters, we had not seen any record yet. But there is an electric scooter like Nanrobot D5+ that has the fastest speed of 55 mph. But electric scooters have the ability to touch more than 55mph. Mobility is the most authentic reason behind this expectation.

Ease of Using

Both of the tools are easy to ride but electric scooters have an advantage because of its nice helping handle. You can feel much safer and can easily balance your body while riding on electric scooters as compared to electric skateboards.

While riding an electric skateboard professionally you have to adopt some standard stances to get correct skateboarding. At the speed of 20mph, an electric scooter will probably far easy. if your are willing to learn how to ride an electric skateboard, go and check out our detailed guide by clicking the given link.

Price of Tools

When talking about their prices it depends on the specifications that a particular tool provides. But electric skateboards are a bit costly than the electric scooter. You can buy a normal electric scooter under $350. In addition to this, if you want to experience a good commuting on an electric scooter, you have to pay a few 100 dollars more when you go for a thunder speed model like Nanrobot D5+.

price of electric skateboard vs scooter

Skateboards have relatively higher prices because of their shorter market. Instead of this electric scooter has a large scale manufacturing market, so when the supply is higher than the demand the prices go down. It is an obvious fact.

Moreover, we have an interesting buyer’s guide in which we have review Top 10 Best Cheap Electric Skateboards in 2021. So, if you want to know which electric skateboard is according to your budget go and check out that comprehensive guide.

Practicality of Tools

Both of them are convenient, there are some foldable electric scooters that can be folded and easy to carry in public transport. Electric scooters are equipped with pneumatic tires while skateboard uses urethane wheels. Pneumatic tires are more suitable to ride on the plain as well as rough/difficult terrain. These tires are equally effective in both terrains and help you to roll over them easily.

While Urethane wheels, are a bit less comfortable when you go off-road. You will feel a vibration while riding on these e-longboards that will be un-pleasant for you.

In short, electric scooters are more practical than e-skateboards. They are easy to ride and more comfortable.

Tools Maintenance

tools maintenance electric skateboard vs scooter

You have to check your Pneumatic tires regularly or every week to confirm they are working properly and have recommended air pressure too. On the other hand, Urethane wheels are puncture-free so you do not worry about them. You have to maintain proper air pressure that is also written on the Pneumatic tire’s sidewall, to decrease the chance to get a puncture.

Besides tires, electric scooters and electric skateboards required equal attention like, you have to clean the motor, tighten wheel’s ball bearings, lubrication, and make sure all things work perfectly and not damaged.

These are a few factors that can help you to understand which motorized tool is best for you. Now we shortly discuss the kick scooter and manual skateboard which one is more entertaining.

Although people often like to read a comparison of electric scooter vs electric skateboard but in this informative guide you will learn the difference and simmilarities of kick scooter and skateboard. So stay tuned, to learn more about scooter vs skateboard.

Push Scooter vs Skateboard

scooter vs skateboard

Earlier we have compared electric skateboard with an electric scooter but now we are comparing manual or push skateboard with kick scooter. Both of these commuting tools are driven by human force. You have to push with one of your legs to give the acceleration. But there are few similarities and differences that you should know before choosing a tool. We shortly touch in this article to just give you an overview. If you want to read more in detail, no issue at all, we have a comprehensive guide about scooter vs skateboard.


Both of these things made from various materials like, skateboards usually have wooden or fiber made deck along with rubber wheels. Stainless steel trucks and bearings are used to connect them to make a complete skateboard. While on the other hand, scooters are made with stainless steel, aluminum, and composition of other solid materials. This shows scooters are more durable and strong enough.

Ease of Using

Both kick scooters and push skateboards are easy to use but to judge them in detail you have to compare them on the following qualities.

  • Rolling Ability
  • Maneuvering Ability
  • Steering


When it comes to safety scooters are comparatively safer to ride. Scooters have less center of gravity because they are closer to the ground. By rolling downhill, skateboards prove more dangerous than scooters because of speed severe wobbles mainly caused by the wheels.

Final Words

To buy the best last-mile commuting device we try our best to give a detailed comparison of electric skateboard vs scooter. Like, which tool is fast and safe enough, how much maintenance required, how much easy to control/ride, price difference, etc. In short, we have covered all the important factors that will help you to select one commuting tool that suits you the most. I hope this guide will clarify your thoughts about electric scooter vs electric skateboard and which one is best.

If you have any suggestions or query feel free to ask by filling the following comment form.

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