Electric Skateboard Weight Limit

Electric Skateboard Weight Limit: A Comparison of Maximum Capacities

If you are deciding to purchase an electric skateboard, then it is really important for you to know whether that skateboard would be able to carry your weight or not! Therefore, you must know about your electric skateboard weight limit to experience better skateboarding. But what exactly is meant by the weight limit for a skateboard? So first, let’s see what it means!

The maximum weight limit of an electric skateboard is the amount of weight that can be carried by that skateboard (without affecting its performance). Most of the electric skateboards generally offer a weight carrying limit from about 200 lbs to 300 lbs (90 kgs to 150 kgs). Basically, some structural aspects of the electric skateboard, most importantly the deck, are responsible for determining the maximum riders’ weight capacity.

Maximum riders’ weight of different electric skateboards compared

As the structure of different electric skateboards varies among models, every model encompasses different specs and support different capacities. So here, I have tabulated some trustworthy electric skateboard models for the sake of comparing their weights, both in pounds (lbs) and kilograms (kg). So let’s check out each electric skateboard weight limit.

Comparison Chart of Charge Time for Electric Skateboards

Electric Skateboard model Weight limit – lbs Weight limit – kg
Acton Blink S2 250 lbs 113 kg
Acton Blink Qu4tro 280 lbs 127 kg
Aeboard AE1 330 lbs 150 kg
Aeboard AT2 330 lbs 150 kg
Aeboard GT 330 lbs 150 kg
Backfire Galaxy G3 260 lbs 118 kg
Backfire Ranger X2 260 lbs 118 kg
Backfire Zealot 260 lbs 118 kg
Bajabord G4 (X) 350 lbs 160 kg
Bajaboard S2 350 lbs 160 kg
Bioboard Thorium X No info No info
Boosted Mini S 250 lbs 113 kg
Boosted Mini X 250 lbs 113 kg
Boosted Plus 250 lbs 113 kg
Boosted Stealth 250 lbs 113 kg
Evolve GTR 220 lbs 100 kg
Evolve GTR All Terrain 220 lbs 100 kg
Exway Flex 265 lbs 120 kg
Exway X1 Pro 300 lbs 136 kg
Kaly NYC XL Boards 280 lbs 127 kg
Lacroix Jaws 350 lbs 160 kg
Lacroix Nazaré (Lonestar) 350 lbs 160 kg
Lycaon G 220 lbs 100 kg
Lycaon GR 220 lbs 100 kg
Majestic Pro 220 lbs 100 kg
Meepo V3 300 lbs 136 kg
Meepo NLS Pro 300 lbs 136 kg
Meepo City Rider 300 lbs 136 kg
MetroboardX 300 lbs 136 kg
Miles Mini 270 lbs 122 kg
Miles Rampage 270 lbs 122 kg
OneWheel + XR 275 lbs 125 kg
OneWheel Pint 275 lbs 125 kg
Ownboard Bamboo AT/ GT 265 lbs 120 kg
Ownboard Carbon AT/ GT 265 lbs 120 kg
Ownboard W2 265 lbs 120 kg
Riptide Boards 250 lbs 113 kg
Teamgee Boards 200 lbs 90 kg
Verreal V1S 220 lbs 100 kg
Vestar Black Hawk 260 lbs 120 kg
Vestar NightFury 260 lbs 120 kg
WowGo 3X 265 lbs 120 kg

Why is the maximum electric skateboard load important?

Several reasons make it important to consider the weight carrying limit of an electric skateboard. Following you will read out some major and important reasons.

  • Safety reasons (especially braking)
  • Performance
  • Range
  • Lifespan

Safety reasons

The braking distance of an electric skateboard would increase when heavily loaded. However, an electric skateboard must provide you with safe brakes such that it should slow you down to a complete halt, especially when you go down the hill or when you make a sudden stop due to traffic or any disturbance. Also, periodic examination and maintenance of your skateboard will uphold your safety. Nevertheless, the maximum weight lifting capacity will assure the expected performance of your skateboard. Loading more than allowed weight can lead to the damage of brakes of your skateboard which is pretty risky. Isn’t it?

The weight carrying limit also relies on the strength of the structural components of your electric skateboard. Stowing the board with extra weight can lead to the damage of battery cases, deterioration of screws, and the breakage of the decks.

Electric Skateboard Weight Limit

Performance and Range

The components of your skateboard such as the electronics, gears, and brakes are designed and adjusted in a manner to provide you with a great riding experience. The range and speed of your skateboard would be affected whenever you exceed the maximum electric skateboard weight limit. This would also lessen the hill-climbing capability and add more stopping distance. Therefore, if your weight lies within the allowed limit of your skateboard but you are carrying stuff like groceries or other heavy things, then the range and the speed will not be the same as advertised.

Lifespan is also Affected

It is a common principle that the greater the load is, the higher power would be required to perform work. So, if you’ll add a lot of weight to your skateboard, the electric motor will take more power for accelerating the board. This will ultimately result in a faster discharging of the battery and hence, it will require frequent charging which will erode the battery sooner. It will also put your brakes under stress while decelerating. On the whole, the lifespan of your electric skateboard would be shortened if you put more than the allowed weight on it.

Moreover, if you are curious to know how long will my electric skateboard last? Go and read this guide to know more about the lifespan of the electric skateboard.

What should be considered by the heavy riders?

For heavier riders, it might become quite difficult to find an electric skateboard that is best suited to their weight. This is because of the misfortune that most of the good electric skateboards cannot carry a weight of more than 220lbs – 240lbs. However, it is somehow possible to find an ideal skateboard that can carry more weight but the prices go up high significantly.

following a few indicators. You will possibly desire to look for:
  • A board with powerful motors
  • A large battery that would offer more power to accelerate more weight
  • Strong Deck and good trucks

A while back, many tough decks were designed for bulky riders with a slight or no flexibility at all. However, in the present day, many new materials such as fiberglass, carbon fiber, Kevlar, and different types of bamboo are being used in the formation of decks. The manufacturers of the electric skateboards are also working on the enhancement of the stability and durability of the boards to make them more flexible and easy to ride.

Best electric skateboards for heavy riders

If you are a heavy rider too, then I will recommend you not to stand in the center of your skateboard. You should always fix your position over the trucks so that the board can accommodate the whole weight equally.

Best electric skateboards for heavy riders

Electric skateboards with powerful motors and sturdier decks are considered to be the priority for heavy and hefty riders. So, here I have enlisted a few electric skateboards available in the market, that are best for such bulky riders.

  • Aeboard GT has a rider’s weight limit of up to 330 lbs (150 kg).
  • Bajaboard G4, G4X, S2, Pantera can carry up to 350 lbs (160 kg).
  • Meepo City Rider has a rider’s weight limit of up to 300 lbs (136 kg).
  • MetroboardX can carry up to 300 lbs (136 kg).
  • Kaly NYC XL2.0, XL40, XL50+ can carry up to 280 lbs (127 kg).
  • Lacroix Jaws, Nazaré, Lonestar can carry up to 350 lbs (160 kg).

Final Words about Electric Skateboard Weight Limit

Now is the time to conclude. I truly hope that you will find this article to be informative and that it will help you in choosing an electric skateboard that is best suited for you. We try our best to deliver the key knowledge about the electric skateboard weight limit. If you find this article informative please do let us know by filling the following comment section. Or if you have any suggestions feel free to write there too. We will be grateful for your thoughts. Happy skatboarding!

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