Electric Skateboards for Kids

Electric Skateboards for Kids

It’s kind of a known fact that most of the children do not know much about tech. But if the parents are not that tech-savvy either, the scenario becomes even worse especially when they want to buy an electric skateboard for their kids! Electric skateboards are an embodiment of technology and hence one should really have some knowledge of technology as the boards are becoming technologically advanced day by day. So, if you are a parent and your little one has asked to buy him/her an electric skateboard then don’t worry! You have come to the right place! In this article, I will be telling you about some cool electric skateboards for kids that you can buy for your kids!

You Might Get Confused While Buying Electric Skateboards for Kids

With the markets flooded with a variety of different skateboards, it might get very much difficult to decide which one should be bought. Especially when it comes to kids, you should know the features of a skateboard that will be perfectly suitable for them. There are a number of skateboard models with very good specifications and you might take a lot of time to choose one.

I have compiled this list by keeping in mind the “worries” of a parent. This list, which contains about ten children-ready skateboard models, will surely save your time. So, just have a look at this list and buy one to surprise your kid!

An Electric Skateboard For Kids Should Have Following Features

  • Small and light: First of all, the electric skateboards for kids should be smaller in size and lighter in weight. Or else, it would be impossible for the kids to handle a giant and heavy skateboard.
  • Low power: Another worth mentioning feature is the low top speed and motor power of the skateboard. A vast variety of very fast and very powerful electric skateboards is available on the market. Of course, you won’t really like to handover such robust gadgets to your 9 years old kid. So, make sure that the particular model, which you’re going to buy for your Lil champ, has a low-speed limit and motor power.
  • Sturdy design: Lastly, this feature, I must say, is really important for everyone, especially for the children as they are more likely to break things. So, an electric skateboards for kids should be “breakage-proof” … Well! I mean that it should have a sturdier deck and more tenacious wheels.

Electric Skateboards for Kids Features

And now, I am finished with all that introductory stuff! So finally, I am going to start with the most important part of this article in which I have mentioned some amazing bits of tech for your kid. I welcome you all to check my list out and to take a quick overview of the specs and features of every skateboard that I have cited in it. So here we go!

Top 10 Best Electric Skateboards for Kids in 2021

Comparison Chart of Electric Skateboards for Kids

No. Name Speed Range Load Capacity Price
10 ALTERED FANTOM 10 mph 5-6 miles 120 lbs Check Price
9 ACTON BLINK LITE 10 mph 5 miles 144 lbs Check Price
8 HOVERZONE HOVERJET 11 mph 10 miles 175 lbs Check Price
7 BLITZART MINI FLASH 12 mph 8 miles 250 lbs Check Price
6 SWAGBOARD NG-1 11 mph 10 miles 176 lbs Check Price
5 DYNACRAFT SURGE 6 mph 5-6 miles 145 lbs Check Price
4 PARADOX BY JACOMO 15 mph 6.5 miles 265 lbs Check Price
3 AIRWHEEL M3 12.5 mph 12.4 miles 220 lbs Check Price
2 KOOWHEEL D3M 22 mph 18-22 miles 286 lbs Check Price
1 RIPSTIK CASTER BOARD 10 mph 7 miles 143 lbs Check Price


ALTERED FANTOM - Best Electric Skateboards for Kids

Let’s jump into the very first model on this list which is a brand-new product of Altered. The name of this very mew product is Fantom, which is really amazing and is considered the best choice for children of age 8 and onwards. It is a good-looking skateboard with a 7-ply 23 inches long deck made up of an outclass quality of maple wood.

Similar to most of the other electric skateboards, Altered’s Fantom also owns a concave-styled deck. It sports a kicktail too, which offers more controllability and helps in maneuvering the skateboard, offering the rider great control.

The biggest shortcoming of this board is its maximum load lifting capacity which is 120 lbs only. This drawback limits the skateboard to specific users. Well, it’s quite understandable that it is made only for kids and teenagers and definitely not for adults.

Looking at the other side of the picture, the specifications offered by this board are really good. Fantom offers a top speed of 10 mph and it can be ridden for about 40 minutes on a single charge. So, keeping in view such features, I must say that this electric skateboard is for youngsters, and is capable of providing your kids with joyful rides and long-lasting skating experiences.


ACTON BLINK LITE - Proffessional Electric Skateboards for Kids

Acton Blink Lite is an electric skateboard that is specifically designed for kids and teens. As the name implies, Acton Lite is smaller in size and lighter in weight which makes it a perfect skateboard for young kids. And to your surprise, the price of this skateboard is around $300 and is pretty affordable, isn’t it? It’s not that bad, especially when you’re considering to buy a skateboard of an established brand, which ACTON surely is.

Its specs such as the top speed, range, and motor power are not that much impressive because of its small size. But the range, however, is a bit better if not all.

The Blink Lite weighs about 7.7 lbs only and has a sleek deck that is about 30 inches long. So, this board is a little bigger than the previous one by a few pounds and inches. It is capable of lifting a maximum weight of about 180 lbs. So, it is not limited to the kids only but the adults can ride it too, all thanks to its larger size.

The top speed offered by this skateboard is 10 mph which is more than sufficient for a 10 years old child. Sadly, the battery timing of Blink Lite is not so satisfying. It can take you to a 5 miles long ride within a single charging which is not fairly enough. For comparison, Jacomo’s Paradox (that I have also mentioned in this list), offers a mileage of 15 miles on a single charge. Blink Lite, however, has a plus point that its battery charges quickly and takes only 2 hours to get fully charged. Now comes two things, which in my opinion, are perfect to keep your children from going too far from home: a range limit of 5 miles and a small battery timing.

Moreover, BLINK Lite comes with a 6 monthly warranty. If any problem arises during this period, you can easily recover it, which is pretty good for both you and your kids. Besides this, the skateboard has LED lights on the front that enables a fine ride even at night. Also, it offers a Bluetooth controller which is pretty reliable and highly responsive. With all being said, this skateboard has quite a bit to offer for the money, but it could have a better operating range.


HOVERZONE HOVERJET - Best Budget Electric Skateboards for Kids

Unlike Acton, the Hoverzone electric skateboard company is not so dominant in the field of electric skateboards. This company is actually a fellow company of Swagboard which is one of the most eminent manufacturers of electric skateboards.
Coming to the point of our concern, the skateboard I’m going to talk about is the Hoverzone’s Hoverjet which is very much identical to the Swagboard NG-1 and has also been mentioned in this list. The size and shape of the deck are the only features that make them different from each other. Hoverjet’s deck is 33 inches long and hence, it is a little bit larger than the previously mentioned electric skateboards. Well, there is no need to be worried, this figure is not much close to that of the longboards which are almost or might be longer than 40 inches.

The deck of this skateboard is composed of 7-ply Canadian Maple wood which promises extra durability and toughness. Well, that’s pretty good for kids as they really like to break things. Am I right?

When it comes to the top speed, the Hoverjet and the Blink Lite are almost alike. It offers a top speed of 11 mph. However, the battery range of both skateboards is not the same. Hoverjet can take you up to 10 miles within a single charge and hence, it is double of the range offered by Blink Lite. Now, talking about the minutes, it can give you a 90 minutes long ride on a single charge. Moreover, it has polyurethane wheels that make it more durable and shock absorbing.

Another worth mentioning feature is the presence of an option in its wireless remote, that can limit the top speed of the board and hence, is great news for those parents who think that 11 mph is still very high. Above all, it also has cruise control which does not require the adjustment of throttle and ensures the constant speed of the skateboard.

Well, looking at all such features, I must say that Hoverjet is a perfect electric skateboard for kids and teenagers who are not enough experienced. On top of everything else, it is pretty wallet-friendly. It is available in the market for approximately $200 only. So, taking into account its specs, this skateboard could be a great choice for your child.



BLITZART Mini Flash is a relatively small electric skateboard whose deck is about 28 inches long. The 7-ply maple wood deck is armored with an extra Bamboo layer at the bottom of the deck.

You won’t believe it, but this additional layer of bamboo is quite enough to let the board carry a maximum weight of 270 lbs. This load lifting capacity is more than double of the other electric skateboards mentioned in this list. So, the kids aside, their parents can also enjoy riding this little fella.

Now moving towards its speed, the Mini Flash offers a top speed of 12 mph which is quite okay for kids and teens. Also, it is equipped with a single 250W hub motor which is responsible for generating such speed. You’ll also not be disappointed by the range offered by this board. It can take you up to 8 miles on a single charge. The battery takes almost two and a half hours to get fully charged.

Another thing that I really like about it is that BLITZART Mini Flash doesn’t look like an electric skateboard when you are looking at it from a distance. On the other hand, the Dynacraft Surge electric skateboard also has a similar effect but its specs are not that impressive in comparison with the Mini Flash’s.

Conclusively, I would like to say that this skateboard, which is also not so heavy on your pocket, can be a perfect gift for your children. It has a price tag of around $150 which is more than enough for a board with such cool specs.



Swagboard is also one of the renowned companies that deal in electric rideables. Nowadays, they are busy setting high hype for their latest product, the NextGen-1, after the great success of their hoverboards.

This electric skateboard is quite a decent one which is particularly targeted at kids and teenagers. With its maximum weight supporting limit which is around 176 lbs, it is limited to children teens, and young adults.

By looking at its build, you can easily guess that. The quality offered by this board is quite decent. Moreover, the price range of NG-1 is more than reasonable with some good specifications. It has a maple wood deck and a grip tape that covers it from the top which undoubtedly increases the maneuverability and provides comfort to the rider. This skateboard also offers a remote control with which you can choose different speed modes and can also accelerate and decelerate your electric skateboard.

As I have already stated that the NG-1 has some very decent specifications, its top speed and battery range are also not that bad. It offers you a top speed of about 11 mph which is quite enough for daily commuting to school. Furthermore, it is capable of providing you with an approximately 10 miles long ride with a single charge which proves it to be an awesome alternative to vanpooling your kids to school.

The battery of this board is rechargeable. This means that your children can charge it up at school so that it can take them home easily by adding some swag on the way.



The piece which I’m going to discuss now is an electric skateboard for kids that bears a resemblance to good old classic skateboards. The name is Dynacraft Surge. This skateboard with its old-school appearance can undoubtedly fascinate many old skaters too who wish to recollect their own past experiences.

But apparently, the OLD SCHOOL LOOK is the major selling point of this product. Some people might not like this and claim that the Dynacraft is selling nothing more but just nostalgia!

This is because of the reason that the specs of this product are not so worthy as its price is. Its top speed is 6 miles per hour only, which is extremely low and is definitely condemned by the people. There are many low-priced skateboards available out there that can go a lot faster than this one… but again, they don’t resemble old school boards.

Nevertheless, you should not ignore its maximum load lifting capacity as it is capable of bearing nearly 145 lbs which is quite OKAY for the kids. However, it won’t allow you to test it by yourself. Lastly, the battery timing of this model is the only good thing (specs-wise) which can take the rider to an 8 miles long trip with a single charging. For this, of course, the rider should not be so bulky.

But one question remains in the end. Are you ready to spend some extra bucks for a skateboard that looks like an old school board or will you buy a product with modern looks that performs way better?



This product is a little bit expensive from the previously mentioned ones. Well, don’t worry about the price because it offers you some really cool specs that will certainly make you think twice before ignoring this model. So, let’s get the ball rolling by mentioning that this is an electric skateboard for kids which is about 28 inches long and weighs only 10 lbs.

Another worth mentioning feature of Paradox is its great maximum weight lifting capacity which is around 270 lbs. Well, the kids aside, you can also ride it by yourself and recall some good old skating times of yours!

It can be controlled very easily. Moreover, Paradox is bidirectional which means that it can let you change the direction of your skateboard while you are riding it by just pressing a button on the controller that comes with it.

Now talking about its build, its deck is made up of bamboo and is roofed by a grip tape which provides the riders with some extra stability and safety. Also, its all-terrain rubber wheels are something really cool that comes with damper masses. This allows you to take worry fewer rides on all types of terrain comfortably.

Furthermore, its performance is also another surprise for you. The paradox can go up to 15 miles per hour and gives an approximately 6 miles long ride which makes it perfect for shorter commutes. Considering all these things, I think Jacomo has surely done a good job by making an outclass piece of art, the Paradox.



Airwheel is not categorically designed for kids only, but general audience. However, kids will find it really incredible due to its extraordinary skating capability and all-terrain competencies.

This is because of its enormous pneumatic rubber tires and in-built damper masses which positively affect the skating quality. It can also climb up the inclines of about 15 degrees which is great news for mountain skaters and similar skating fanatics.
Moreover, the deck is made up of maple wood. It has a grip tape that covers the top layer of the deck and offers a more reliable and safer riding experience. Besides this, it is equipped with a lithium-ion Sony brand battery which is implemented with fast charge technology.

It means Airwheel would take less than 2 hours to get fully charged. This is something really splendid compared to all other such models with similar prices that take more or less 4 hours.

In addition to this amazingly small charging time, it can give you a mileage of approximately 12 miles with a single charge. Last but not the least, this little monster provides you with a top speed of about 12 mph, which is more than enough for casual users. So, these wonderful specs are the reason why Airwheel is one of the top models on my list.



Koowheel D3M is the costliest electric skateboard model for kids on my list. Its price is around $570 which will surely knock you back, but however, apart from its price tag, it has some really amazing specs which will doubtlessly leave you in awe.

Its battery can be replaced very easily which is the best feature of this product. By purchasing an extra battery, you can extend your riding time by simply switching with another one and it hardly takes less than half a minute to do so.

If one battery gives you a mileage of 25 miles, then buying an extra one will double the mileage to 50 miles on a single run. Also, the battery is not much heavy to be carried so you can take it with you while riding. Isn’t it amazing? Moreover, it is the longest ranged model so far available in the market.

You will also not be disappointed by its top speed. Koowheel is capable of reaching a top speed of approximately 25 mph that makes it pretty speedy, and also remains at this speed for quite a time. Considering all these things, we can say that this piece is the best electric skateboard for youngsters as far as its performance in the given price range is concerned. So, it is safe to say that you can consider this masterpiece too for your kid.



And here comes the last and the top electric skateboard model for kids on this list which is incredibly inexpensive. A famous company is known as Razor, which deals in electric ride ables, has done a great job by designing an entry-level electric skateboard named Ripstik Caster.
With an amazingly small price of nearly $100, this little skateboard has already made its space in hundreds of homes all around the globe. This is not much of a surprise as, even though it has a very low price, it has some cool features which are quite comparable with some more expensive boards out there. This is the reason that it has gained the number one spot on this list.

First and foremost, this model comes in a variety of 5 different colors which are red, blue, black, silver, and pink. Secondly, Ripstik is more like a fusion of snowboard and skateboard, unlike the traditional skateboards. That being said, its pivoting deck along with the 360 degrees caster trucks enables it to carve like a fine-quality snowboard. Furthermore, a concave deck and traction pads are also some unique features that will make it comfortable and easy to control for your kids.

Lastly, the specifications of this board are more than just satisfactory, especially when it comes to its very low price. It can offer a top speed of roundabout 10 miles per hour but of course, it is greatly dependent on the weight of the rider and the type of terrain. With a Lithium-ion battery that can last up to approximately 40 minutes, this skateboard will surely provide a sufficiently nice skateboarding experience to your little one at quite a low price!

Final Words about Electric Skateboards for Kids

It is now time for me to conclude. In the end, I would like to mention that this list has been compiled after a great deal of research and has been specifically targeted towards kids. All the skateboards mentioned here have some nice specifications. I truly hope that you will find this article to be very informative and that it is all the help you need to make a perfect decision. So, if you are wondering which are the best electric skateboards for Kids, just take a look at this list and choose any one of your likings! As all the mentioned electric skateboards for kids are cool and technologically advanced, I am pretty sure that your kid would definitely be happy with whatever choice you make! So, good luck!

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