How Electric Skateboards Work

How Electric Skateboards Work – Most Updated Guide

Skateboarding is one of the thrilling sports that most adults like to do. In the USA the trend of skateboarding is rising rapidly. Each year the number of users is increasing at instant speed. In this article, we will tell you what is an electric skateboard and how electric skateboards work actually?

An electric skateboard is a modern version of a normal/kick skateboard. The only difference is the electric skateboard is powered by a motor that is attached under the deck or inside the wheels of the skateboard. Normally, you open the throttle and start riding on an electric skateboard. These electric skateboards are controlled by the hand-held remote control that helps you to accelerate or brake/stop the skateboard. To change the direction, you only need to tilt your body weight (shift weight to heels or toes) to the side where you want to turn the skateboard. An electric skateboard has normally, 22 lbs weight with the top speed of 15-30mph. The rage depends on the various factors like the rider’s weight, terrain, motor power, and battery capacity. But normally an electric skateboard has a range of 10-25 miles.

Following you will learn each and every aspect about an electric skateboard. So, stay tuned.

What is an electric skateboard exactly?

Electric skateboards were invented in the late 1990s by Louie Finkle. As a skateboarding fan, he combines his love and experience with the technology to bring that wireless electric skateboard. At that time an electric skateboard had some minor flaws. But thanks to the innovation in the technology, the design and the performance of the electric scooters have been significantly developed.

As I have mentioned above an electric skateboard is driven by the motor. So, the major difference between the kick skateboards and an electric skateboard is its acceleration and braking system. An electric skateboard is an awesome fun machine, where you have not to do any effort to commute from one place to another. You do not need to push or stop your skateboard with your foot. The motor does it for you. With the help of the remote control, you have the authority to accelerate or even stop the skateboard independently.

How does an electric skateboard work exactly?

Although these electric skateboards are fast enough to get maximum thrilling experience while riding on them. But you have to be careful too while skateboarding on these fast machines. To gain the utmost thrilling experience you should understand the true working process of an electric skateboard first.

All the electric skateboards have come with remote control as I have said earlier. When you trigger the throttle on the remote control. It transfers the data to the electronic speed controller through the electromagnetic waves. An electronic speed controller (ESC) works as a central command authority. This ESC evaluates and passes the exact amount of the power from the battery to the motor, as a result, a skateboard moves forward. While to turn your skateboard you have to tilt your body to the direction where you are planning to turn your skateboard. That is how an electric skateboard exactly works.

Following you will learn the various parts of electric skateboards which will help you to understand the importance of each part. This will also give you a valuable knowledge about how you can repair or maintain your electric skateboard.

Basic components of an Electric Skateboard

A Deck

It is a vital part of a skateboard. A rider stands on a deck while riding on these skateboards. Normally, we have seen wooden made decks while some of the well-renowned manufacturers have also used fiberglass and carbon to make it thicker and stronger. The fiberglass or carbon made decks are long-lasting, lightweight and tougher.

deck and truck of e-longboard


This is the most essential part of an e-board. The truck is usually made with the metal and has the responsibility to transfer the rider’s body weight from the deck towards wheels and ball bearings. It also helps the rider to make the turn while riding on the skateboard.

The truck has various components such as the hanger, the bushings, baseplate, kingpin, and axle. It is the truck that ensures the good and the quality performance of your electric skateboards.


Like the above two essential parts wheels are also very important for an e-board. Wheels are normally made of polyurethane along with various sizes, colors, and shapes, depending on the electric skateboards.

Large wheels are far beneficial for uneven surfaces, as they are moving easily and roll fast. Small wheels although they have a low center of gravity and require less force to accelerate. But the speed is a bit slower.

Grip Tape

Griptape has two sides, one is stickable and the other side is just like the simple surface of sandpaper. Grip tape helps to transfer all the energy and force of your body movement from your feet to the deck of the electric skateboard. So it is another most obligatory part of an electric skateboard. It gives support and helps the rider to stay balanced on the deck while accelerating, brake or even on the turn of a skateboard.

Wheels and Ball Bearings of electric skateboard

Ball Bearings

Each wheel is connected with its axle via two ball bearings. Normally, they are made of steel but you can also find some silicon nitride ball bearings too. These bearings help wheels to get rotated. You have to maintain this part of your longboard frequently. You have to do cleaning and lubricating these bearings regularly to retain their good performance. You can easily buy the maintenance kits for the ball bearings from the market. Otherwise, you have to face some disturbance in smooth skateboarding or you have to replace these ball bearings more often.

Mechanical Parts


The motor is an essential mechanical part of an electric longboard. There are two types of motor we usually see in e-longboards. Following you will find the details of these two types.

Hub Motor

This motor is situated into the wheels to give power to the wheels. Hub motors are one of the best choices for professional skateboard. The performance of the hub motor is quite significant compared to its counterpart ( belt motor). Hub motors require less maintenance and have far better results.

There is a high chance of overheating the motor because in the wheels there is no place for air crossing. That might affect motors’ performance too. Although the motor casing has some holes to put heat out from the motor. But these holes can put the electric skateboard in danger. These skateboards are not waterproof and can be damaged with water. So, you have to be careful while riding these skateboards on the wet surfaces

Belt-driven Motor

It is an old or classic type of motor that is used in electric skateboards. The working criteria are quite normal, A motor pulley is interconnected with wheel pulley through a belt. This belt motor is far more water-resistant than a hub motor because there are no holes in the motor case.

motor an battery of an electric skateboard


The battery is the power supplier to the motor that helps to accelerate the skateboard. The range of the skateboard entirely depends on the battery size. The bigger battery can cover a large distance. To learn more about how long does an electric skateboard battery last you should have develop the knowledge about different types of batteries. There are two types of batteries commonly used by electric skateboards. Lithium-ion battery and lead-acid battery.


This type of battery is a bit costly but has many benefits such as,

  • Long-lasting battery with the age of 2-3 years approximately, if well maintained.
  • It has far better Range than its counterparts.
  • Required 5-6 hours to get completely charged.
  • Less in price.
  • Need 12-24 hours to get fully charged.
  • Battery life is barely 9-10 months.
  • End up after covering less distance than its counterpart (lithium-ion).

You should need to have a good quality battery in your electric skateboard to avoid any bad incident. If you want to know what are the best long range electric skateboards go and check out our comprehensive buyer’s guide. Although electric skateboards are safe enough to ride, It is a machine and you should be aware of its danger too. To know about why electric skateboarding is dangerous check out this guide to know each and everything related to electric skateboard’s danger and safety.

Remote Control

With the help of the remote controller, you can choose to either accelerate or brake the skateboard. Various models have different remote controls. Some models have a remote with a rotatable button used to accelerate or stop the skateboard. You can push the button to move forward while pulling it will stop the skateboard. In other models, you will find a trigger by pulling it, the skateboard moves forward and removing the trigger will stop the skateboard.

Electronic Speed Controller

The electronic speed controller is just like the brain of a skateboard. All the calculations are made here like, how much power should give to the motor from the batteries. It processes the date and distributes the signals to various parts that are connected with the electronic speed controller.

When a rider triggers the accelerator from the remote controller. This brain of the skateboard collects the information or signals coming from the Bluetooth receiver. It analyzes the data, makes the calculation and passes the correct amount of power from the battery to the motor. As a result, a skateboard accelerates at a desirable speed.


Thanks to the innovative technology, Bluetooth makes it easy to transfer the signals/data in between the remote and the skateboard controllers. This Bluetooth technology brings skateboarding to the next level.

Additional Parts


It is also a good option to have a white led light at the skateboard’s nose and red led right on the back, to ensure your safety. This helping tool can make your skateboarding safer in the night condition too.

Nose Guard

Nose guards are pretty good to save your skateboard nose from being damaged. Normally, they are made with heavy-duty plastic. These nose guards are in various shapes you can choose according to your skateboard nose shape.

aditional parts of an electric skateboard

Wheel Guards

These wheel guards are a useful option when you do skateboarding on the wet muddy surfaces. It saves your shoes and pants from mud or rainwater.

Additional Battery

Some of the electric skateboards come with a removable battery option. It ensures, to gain maximum skateboarding experience. It allows you to change your empty battery to cover extra miles. There are very few models that offer removable batteries otherwise you have to stick with a single battery skateboard. But it is a very useful/fruitful option to have an additional battery with you.

Rain Wheels

These wheels are specially designed to ride skateboards on wet surfaces. The main purpose of these wheels is, they guide/take water away from the wheels.

Final Words for learn how electric skateboards work

These electric skateboards are getting popular with the passage of time. Electric Skateboards are now becoming the major shareholder of a safe and environment-friendly commuting machine. With the growing innovation in technology, we have noticed each company tries to evolve new features to just beat its competitor. But this is good for users, they can avail good quality skateboards at best affordable prices.

We try our best to compile each and every aspect of an electric skateboard that is mandatory for you to understand what electric skateboards and how do electric skateboards work. I hope after reading this comprehensive guide you will now have a deep understanding of the electric longboards.

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