How Long does an Electric Skateboard Battery Last

People often worry and want to know about how long does an electric skateboard battery last? We have done detailed research on this particular topic and find a golden truth. Here, we have compiled a comprehensive guide about not only the battery’s life but how to extend it also.

How Long does an Electric Skateboard Battery Last? – Most Updated Guide

The life of a battery entirely depends on how well you maintain your battery. We have found, a good standard lithium-ion battery can touch 500-1000 charge cycles before it reaches 80% of its capacity. This is exactly according to the international standards to rate a cycle life. In other/simple words, you can use a good quality lithium-ion battery till 2-3 years if you use and charge your skateboard daily. In short, the lithium-ion battery has a limited life-span and loses its capacity with the passage of time.

Before going to know the various parameters/tricks to extend your battery’s life. First, we should have knowledge about the different types of batteries that are used in electric skateboards.

How many Types of Batteries are in Skateboards?

We have found three types of batteries that are using commonly in electric longboards.

  • Lithium-ion
  • Lithium Polymer
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate

Each of these batteries has its merits and demerits. Following you will find complete details about them along with their pros and cons.


It is the most common and most usable battery type, not only in electric skateboards but you will find in many products like mobile phones, e-scooters, hoverboards laptops, etc. In skateboards, lithium-ion is known as the best battery with numerous benefits. Following you will find some of them.


  • Lithium-ion is far safer than its counterparts.
  • Much Longer life than its counterparts, especially ( lithium polymer battery).
  • Lithium-ion has microchips for safe charging and discharging.
  • This type of battery has already produced good results so manufacturers have deep trust in its performance.


  • voltage-sag is the only but far effective disadvantage of having a lithium-ion battery.

In addition to this, if you want to know what are the best long range electric skateboard check out this detailed guide that we have published on our website.

Lithium Iron Phosphate

This LifePo4 battery is comparatively a new innovation in the market. So, very few numbers of companies are using Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. But following we have concluded some pros and cons of this battery type for you.


  • Lithium Iron Phosphate battery also has a longer life cycle.
  • It doesn’t have a lot of voltage sag too.


  • LifePo4 is a bit expensive one which is why you hardly find it in an electric longboard.


Lithium Polymer has more power with the increasing danger level too. That is why it is harder to handle this type of battery. Following we have composed some key merits and demerits of this Li-Po battery type.


  • Have a reasonable/affordable price.
  • less voltage-sag
  • You can find them in various shapes because they do not have separate cells, instead, they are more in liquid form.


  • The life span of Lithium Polymer is relatively shorter than lithium-ion and Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries.
  • These types of batteries are more sensitive and can be damaged due to some physical engagements or due to the intense heat/temperature level too.
  • You have to do more care of these batteries and have to maintain a certain temperature to keep them in good form.
  • These batteries can take fire instantly if you handle them in inappropriate manners. In short, these batteries are not safe enough to have in your electric skateboards.

Top 9 Tips to Improve the lifeline of your Lithium-ion Battery

Above you have read lithium-ion is one of the most usable and reliable battery types by the electric skateboards manufacturers. Moreover, batteries are the most essential part of an electric longboard. As we have mentioned above, a good battery has 500 to 1000 charge cycles until it reaches its 80% of capacity. But people often search how they can increase their battery life? You do not have to worry about it. Following you will find the top 9 tips about how you can prolong your Lithium-ion battery’s life. So, stay tuned.


High temperatures can be dangerous for lithium-ion batteries. It can affect the life of the battery too. You have to keep the batteries under the temperature of 20-25 degrees Celsius to maintain their performance.

One thing you should remember, do not to expose your batteries to the high temperature after 100% charging.

How Long does an Electric Skateboard Battery Last

Use Regularly

It is a good habit to consume battery’s‘ power by using a skateboard regularly. Regular charging and consumption of battery also help to prolong its life too.

Do not wait to be 0% charging

Make the habit to charge your battery before it reaches 0%. It does not only ensure to increase in life-span but it also maintains battery performance throughout the ride. Similarly, do not overcharge your skateboard’s battery. Frequently charge the battery after each use can help to keep it’s functioning.

Charging Habit

Lithium-ion batteries required more attention. We should thank the technology that made it easy for us. The lithium-ion battery has its own advanced management chip that looks after the battery’s charging and discharging functionality.

Earlier, you had to be proactive while charging your batteries. But the latest technology innovation in the form of advanced management chips. You only need to plug in the charger and leave it to the chip. You should frequently charge and consume your battery’s power to keep the good performance of your battery.

Should use Brand New Battery

It is always a good practice to buy brand new batteries. Importantly, we should buy a battery with the most latest manufacturing date.

Check battery charging regularly

Lithium-ion batteries have the ability to self-discharge when you do not use them for a while. It is very important to check your battery charging regularly and charge it before it gets 100% discharge. This is another good trick to increase your electric skateboard battery life.

Always Use Recommended Charger

It is mandatory to use genuine or a good quality recommended charger by the manufacturer. That particular charger has the recommended ampere or voltage capacity that is required to charge your battery. If the voltage increases or decreases to the recommended charger’s level, it might affect the battery’s charging ability as well as its life too.

Save charger and battery from water

We should not use our longboards in wet conditions. As we all know that moisture will have bad implications not only on electronic signals but it also affects battery life. So, keep your skateboards away in rains or from wet or water-filled roads.

Do not fully charge your battery if you have less Usage

It is also a good practice, not to charge your batteries at a 100% level if you have less or limited usage. Because in this way it is the possibility to overcharge your battery. This act will cut down your battery life immensely.

Final Words

There are three types of batteries that are available in electric skateboard, Lithium-ion, Lithium Iron Phosphate, and Li-Po. Lithium-ion is the best that is using in most of the electric skateboards. On average, a lithium ion battery can last til 2-3 years but with the proper maintenance and care you can prolong your battery’s life. You should remember these three simple tips to extent batter’s life, First, always recharge the battery before it reaches 0%, charge and consume the power or the battery regularly and do not expose the battery to the intense heat. By following these three simple steps you can increase your battery life. We hope this guide will help you to find the most detailed and accurate answer to your query. If you have any suggestion or query to ask. Feel free to send us your feedback through the following comment section.

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