How Long Will My Electric Skateboard Last?

How Long Will My Electric Skateboard Last? – Lifespan/Expectancy.

Skateboards are one of the most thrilling and adventurous ways of commuting. It is observed that a huge number of adults love to do skateboarding to pass their free time. But you have to consider that it is a machine and each machine has its life span. After that particular life, it may disturb you.

Similarly, an electric skateboard has a life span of almost 3-4 years after that time period you may seem the performance of your electric skateboard goes down drastically. In this blog post, we will talk about how long will your electric skateboard last and how you can maintain its performance throughout its life span.

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How Long Do Electric Skateboards Last?

How Long Will My Electric Skateboard Last

First, there are many skateboard manufacturers you probably see in the market. Each of them has its own quality standards. So it entirely depends on brands.

Secondly, it is a fact that the amount you spend also determines your e-longboard life. If you buy an expensive longboard it will last more than a cheap one you bought for under $200-$300. The life of the skateboard also depends on the usage of your board. If you use your board to just make the fun-base ride you likely to have much more life of your electric skateboard. Compare to the situation where you use your electric skateboard rashly.

The following are some of the common mistakes that most skateboard riders do. Like

  • You still use your electric skateboard with less battery.
  • You use your skateboard with the exceed limit of its maximum weight capacity.
  • Overcharge your e-board more often.
  • Use a less competitive charge to charge your battery.

It is observed after a detailed analysis of various electric skateboards that a good brand’s skateboard relatively lasts longer than its competitor. So, it is also a good idea to buy from the best electric skateboard brand.

Batteries and wheels are the first parts that fail. So, when you see a certain part has failed, you can find its replacement instead of buying a whole new electric skateboard. Moreover, if you are curious to know more about how long does an electric skateboard battery last? Check out this detailed guide to learn each and everything related to the life of the battery of the electric skateboard.


Warranties are essential requirements that you should consider while choosing an electric skateboard. The warranty of the product ensures when a certain part fails to perform you do not have to pay an amount to fix that defective part.

All the electric skateboard manufacturers give a year warranty for their electric longboards. This ensures users that their boards will not annoy you in the first year of purchase.

Important Note: All the manufacturers do not have the same regulations and policies about their manufacture’s warranty. So, it is necessary to read their terms and conditions about warranty claims. Otherwise, it is observed that sometimes people have to pay some amount to fix your electric skateboard’s fault.


Maintenance of your electric skateboard also determines the life of your electric longboard. It is obvious, you have to keep good maintenance of your machine to gain excellent performance. Otherwise, you have to face some serious challenges about your electric skateboard’s performance.

You have to read user manuals carefully to get knowledge about how to maintain your electric skateboard. Following we are giving some simple and easy maintenance tips that will help you to prolong your e-longboard lifespan.

  • Frequently, charging your batteries according to your usage if you use less does not charge your skateboard at its optimum level.
  • Should be tightened your truck and wheels regularly.
  • Check for damages, if anyone found, repair it immediately. Otherwise, it can damage other parts too.
  • Clean your electric skateboards each part regularly and oiling them to retain their performance.
  • Last but not least, keep your skateboard at a dry and cool place. So the batteries can not be affected due to heat or moisturizer.
  • Make your habit to clean and check the damages of your skateboard after every commuting, to keep its optimum performance.

By following these simple steps you will probably found substantial evidence of betterment in your electric skateboard’s performance. As a result, the life of your electric skateboard will increase.

Final Words

We have compiled this comprehensive guide to just clarify your misconceptions about the lifespan of an electric skateboards. We hope after reading this guide you will find satisfactory answers about all of your queries and misinterpretations. If you find this guide helpful, do let us know by commenting in the comment section. We will be grateful for your feedback.

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