How to Ride an Electric Skateboard

In this new era, people have plenty of new mediums of commuting. Skateboard is one of them. We have noticed the interest of the people has developed significantly within a few years. With these rapidly growing numbers, there are many people who don’t even know the basics of skateboarding and want to ride it like a pro skateboarder. Before you run outside and attempt to take on that hill, there are a few steps/tips that you may want to read before riding. We have compiled this comprehensive guide after detailed research, to give you the ultimate information about how to ride an electric skateboard safely. So, stay tuned.

How to Ride an Electric Skateboard – Step by Step – Beginners Guide

There are a few steps you should remember to ride an electric skateboard. First, you should be aware of the right standing technique (which foot is right to have in front or back). Secondly, again how much distance you should have to maintain while standing on the deck. Third, you should have control over your remote control device, like how you can increase or decrease the speed through your handheld remote control. You should practice how to accelerate or brake/stop your skateboard. If you have gotten the command over these aspects, now you can then go to learn how to turn your skateboard. The only thing you have to do for a few days without any gape is to practice these fundamentals. There are a few more steps like, ride a skateboard in traffic, additional braking tricks, as well as basement quality. These are a few tips or steps that you should learn as a beginner skateboarder. Once you learn the basic steps then you are ready to take the joyful, thrilling experience of skateboarding.

If you do not have knowledge about how electric skateboard works go and check out our detailed guide. Following you will find the detailed step to step guide about how to ride a boosted board safely.

Select your right front and back foot

The first and foremost step should be to learn which foot will be more beneficial for you to bring to the front or keep it back. We can differentiate this thing into two types, a goofy skateboarder and a regular skateboarder. If you are searching for the best electric skateboards for kids and even don’t know how to find the right option, go and check out our most updated guide.

Goofy Skateboarding: In this type, riders are likely to bring their right foot forward while keeping left at back.

Regular Skateboarding: In regular skateboarding type, riders prefer to have his/her left leg at front and right to the back.

This is how we describe these two methods, but here you probably have a question about how to know which foot should we keep at front or back? Do not worry, Following you will learn how you can judge, which foot you should bring forward. So keep reading.

Ball Test: In this way, you have to kick a football. The foot makes a right and powerful kick should keep that foot to the back and bring the other foot to the front.

Slide Test: Put socks to your feet and make slides onto the slippery floor. The front foot that gives you the more comfortable slide you have to keep it to the front on the skateboard.

Board Test: In this test, you have to make small rides on a skateboard to know the right front and back foot. To do this, you can hold your friend’s hand to just keep your balance on the deck and start the ride on the board. Test both of the methods and find which is the most suitable or comfortable for you. We always recommend this method to judge the correct skateboarding method.

If you are more or less comfortable with both of the methods you can carry on with both of them. Pro skateboarders use both of the methods.

How to stance on an electric skateboard and different types of stances.

electric skateboard and different types of stances

After choosing your front or back foot now it’s time to learn the best way to stand on the deck. Like, how much distance should your both feet have? Should you bend your knees while turning or not? Here we will enlighten over the various types of stances. But remember you should not bring your entire balance/weight to the back foot, otherwise, you possibly lose your balance and an incident can happen.

Various types of stances

To know more about how to ride an electric skateboard first you have to learn how to stand on an electric skateboard. Following you will read the various types of stances.

Snowboard stance

The snowboard stance is counted as the most reliable and user-friendly stance. You have to maintain your foot distance just like your shoulder width and keep your arm a bit wider. This stance proves more suitable for wide turns. In this stance, you should have a 10° angle to your front foot while 0° angle to your back foot.

Surf Stance

In this stance, both of the feet should have a 15° angle and you have to keep your back foot in the middle of your deck. This stance is more suitable for turns and curvy skateboarding tricks.

Speed Stance

If you have a plan to ride a skateboard at the speed of 18-20mph then you have to stick with this speed stance to gain maximum fun. In this stance, you have to put your back foot at the end of your board in a perpendicular direction. In this way, you may slightly lean forward to lift the heel of your back foot. To keep balance and bind your body in one force, you should keep your back knee close to your front knee. The benefit of this stance is you will be able to stabilize yourself while riding electric skateboard at the rapid speed. This stance also helps you to reduce wind friction.

Ready to Push the throttle

Electric skateboards are operating through remote control. So, it is necessary to be well aware of each feature that you find on the remote control. It is possible only through good practice, so keep practicing to have a better understanding.

Should be ready before opening the throttle because electric skateboards have massive acceleration power that can be dangerous if you are not prepared for this. To prepare yourself for skateboarding, you should
Lean forward your body, bend your knees to lower the center of gravity, Shift your weight towards your front leg. Your front leg should be more bent than your back one. Your back leg should be more stable and contracted. Make sure your back foot does not place at the end of your board, this might slip your skateboard. After initial acceleration, you will feel more comfortable while shifting your weight towards the longboard.

Safely Braking

Similarly, you have to make a certain position to brake. This procedure slightly reverses the above method. The rider should bend his/her knees and convert himself into a tiny squat position. Shift the weight to the front foot and slightly lean backward. That’s how you can lower the center of gravity. In this way, you have to make sure after all of this, your front leg muscles should be tightened and stable and ready for safe braking. Again, through your remote controller, you will give signals to the electronic speed controller to brake/stop the skateboard.

How to Safely Braking

There are other certain braking methods that you should be aware of in case of an emergency. You should be familiar with these manual brake methods to stop your skateboards in case of regenerative brake failure or any other technical issue.

Foot Brake

This is a traditional braking method for manual/kick skateboards. Normally, electric skateboards have their own automated regenerative braking system and you do not need to do much effort. But some time due to less charging of your remote battery or some other technical issue you are unable to break the skateboard. So, You should have the ability/knowledge to stop skateboarding in this emergency.

How to do a foot braking: You have to put your front foot in the direction of your electric skateboard. Bring your back foot gradually to the road surface. Initially, you have to be conscious while pushing your foot too hard to the surface. Start with a gentle touch and when you think you have enough friction and your skateboard speed slightly goes down. Strat building pressure on your foot to increase the friction to stop the skateboard.

Emergency Brake

It is the ultimate thing you can do if regenerative and foot brake does not work. In this way, you should jump from the longboard and run on the road and slow down yourself in a normal way. Make sure to catch your skateboard before it crashes.

Ride an electric skateboard in traffic

Ride an electric skateboard in traffic

Electric skateboard is a thrilling and fun-loving fast commuting device. You have to be careful about traffic while riding these electric longboards. On the main roads, there is a special bicycle lane where you can do your skateboarding without any trouble. But when you do not find such lanes you can ride these skateboards on the streets or sidewalks. It directly depends on the state or local authority’s laws.

Usually, the streets in the USA are quite wider. So, you can accelerate, or can take trilling turns on a skateboard while riding them on the streets. But you have to be attentive and should have a focus on the traffic in the streets as well. We recommend you should ride skateboards at moderate speed, so you can immediately stop skateboarding in an emergency.

Terrain Type

It is very important to look up your skateboarding terrain carefully before the ride. On the plain surfaces, you can ride any type of skateboard but in off-road terrain or uneven surfaces, you have to be more selective while choosing the skateboards for off-road use. A normal skateboard probably will design according to the plain surfaces. With this limited power and low-quality suspension, your skateboard might face some serious challenges on uneven tracks. That will ruin your skateboarding experience too. So, make sure you have the right tool for the right job.

Terrain ofor electric skateboard

Some additional Helping Tips to know How to Ride an Electric Skateboard

Practice to learn additional braking techniques: It is good to learn some supportive skills that can be utilized in case of an emergency. Additional braking tricks that I have already mentioned above, will be helpful for your safety.

Practice the right fall: Although it sounds awkward, yes by learning this technique you can save yourself from major injuries. Just imagine you have fire in your skateboard or your braking system fails and you even don’t know how you can brake manually. Then what will you do? At last, you have to jump from the skateboard and when you have practiced this trick before. It will become easy for you to save yourself from many major injuries.

Always Use Proper Safety gears: Skateboards have tremendous speed and you should wear proper safety gear like helmet, knee, and elbow pads along with gloves and wrist protectors. These safety gear will save you from serious injuries. So, always make sure to wear proper safety tools before skateboarding.

Maintain your skateboard regularly: If you want to retain skateboard’s performance, you should maintain your skateboards properly. You should check up skateboards, batteries, trucks, brakes, wheels, etc on a regular basis. This habit is also good to prolong your skateboard’s life.

Charge Regularly: It is very important to charge and discharge your batteries regularly. That’s how you can increase your battery life. Charging your battery and utilizing it regularly will also keep your battery’s good capacity. One thing you should notice if you have less use does not charge your battery to its ultimate 100% power.

Do not ride Overspeed: Always use this thrilling tool at a moderate speed and should not ride them on their high-speed level or at the speed where you can’t handle them. You should ride these skateboards according to your skill level and don’t be too smart about this blasting tool.

Look & Follow your Surroundings: Always look for your surroundings and ride skateboards accordingly. Especially in big or crowded cities.

By following these small additional tips you can ride these skateboards safely.

Final Words for How to Ride an Electric Skateboard

We hope by following these simple steps you can become a pro skateboarder and will learn how to ride an electric skateboard. You have to just keep remember the four most relevant steps that will help you to ride an electric skateboard quickly, how to find which foot will be good as the front foot or back foot, how to stand correctly on the deck, how to maintain your balance while riding, how to stop skateboard through remote or when you have to do it manually. That’s it, enjoy thrilling skateboarding.

Here we suggest you should use an electric skateboard that is made for beginners to gain your skateboarding skills. If you do not know about what is the best electric skateboard for beginners, don’t worry. we have published a detailed buyer’s guide about best electric skateboard for beginners. Check out this buyer’s guide to choosing the best electric longboard for beginners. We hope you will find this guide useful. If it is, please let us know by commenting. Otherwise, if you have a recommendation/suggestions, please give your feedback by filling the following comment form.

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