Ownboard Mini Kt Vs Boosted Mini S

Ownboard Mini Kt Vs Boosted Mini S: Which one to choose and why?

In this article, I am going to compare Ownboard Mini vs Boosted Mini S electric skateboard. But the question is, why am I even comparing the ‘unknown’ with the ‘well-known’? When it is quite obvious that Boosted is the one that everyone owns or wants to own while Ownboard is a completely unknown brand for most people, why I chose to compare ownboard vs boosted? Well, after reading this article, you will know why!

On one hand, is a 30 inches long Ownboard Mini Kt electric skateboard with a weight of 17 lbs. manufactured by a less familiar Chinese brand Ownbaord.

On the other hand, we have everyone’s favorite! The 29.5 inches long Boosted Mini S with a weight of 17 lbs.

So, let’s start the fight!

Price Range Comparison of Ownboard Mini Kt Vs Boosted Mini S

The first round of the competition is about the price, which is one of the most important factors to be considered when purchasing a suitable electric skateboard.

The base model of the Ownboard Mini Kt, which sports a Samsung 4.0 Ah battery, can cost approximately $420. You can upgrade the battery to a Samsung 6.0 Ah by paying some extra money and what’s more? You can achieve even greater performance with a Sanyo battery at a price of around $590. The role of these batteries in terms of performance and range will be discussed later on.

Contrarily, the base price of the Boosted Mini S is more or less $750. You can upgrade it to the Boosted Mini X (same board but with more powerful battery) which will increase its cost to approximately $1000.

So, the Ownboard Mini Kt has won this round due to its lower price. Moreover, you might also find some discount offerings on their website.

Quality Comparison of Ownboard Mini Kt Vs Boosted Mini S

Boosted is a renowned brand and a brand with such a good reputation never compromises on the quality of their products. Every board is precisely crafted with absolute perfection and hence, has an outstanding quality. With a meticulous deck, it has got a strong and excellent build. Doubtlessly, when it comes to quality, nothing can beat Boosted.

Now comes the Mini Kt. If you think that it does not have a good quality because it comes from a Chinese brand, then you should reconsider! This board is well-constructed and if it were not for the logo, you might take it for a Boosted board.

This round goes to the Boosted as I can not deny the outstanding quality that it offers. With that, I think this one could be considered a tie.

Speed of Ownboard Mini Kt Vs Boosted Mini S

Let us now see the top speed of both the electric skateboards. The Boosted Mini S offers a top speed of about 18 miles per hour. This can be boosted up to 20 miles per hour with a stronger battery of the Boosted Mini X.
On the other hand, the top speed of all the models of the Ownboard Mini Kt is about 23 miles per hour.

Ownboard Mini Kt Vs Boosted Mini S

This should be kept in mind that the top speed is dependent on factors like the terrain and the weight of the rider. These speeds can be achieved under ideal conditions of surface (flat surface) and the rider’s weight (which is around 75 kg). The top speed will surely decrease if the board is not ridden on a flat surface. The same is true if the rider’s weight exceeds the maximum weight loading limit of the board.

Conclusively, the Ownboard takes this one! It is worth mentioning here that even the battery of its base model is capable of providing a higher top speed than the Boosted Mini X (which will cost you double the price of Ownboard).


As mentioned earlier, Ownboard offers three batteries to choose from. The range of the board gets better with every upgradation. The batteries provide the following ranges:

  • Samsung 4.0 Ah: 9.5-12 Miles
  • Samsung 6.0 Ah: 12.5-14 Miles
  • Sanyo: 16-19 Miles

Amazingly, the base battery model can provide you with an impressive range of 9.5 to 12 miles. And that’s not it! The range can be enhanced even further by upgrading the batteries. The maximum range of 19 miles can be achieved with the Sanyo battery which is super cool! Isn’t it?

Now comes the Boosted Mini, which can be upgraded from Mini S to Mini X. There is quite a noticeable difference in the ranges offered by them.

  • Boosted Mini S: 7 Miles
  • Boosted Mini X: 14 Miles

The upgraded Mini X sports a powerful battery that provides an impressive range of up to 14 miles! This means that the range gets doubled with degradation.

In the end, Ownboard wins again as it offers a better range at a much lower price.


Boosted has always strived for the quality. When it comes to handling, their skateboards are sure to satisfy you with their amazing acceleration and handling quality. Especially their Boosted Plus models, which are probably the easiest to handle and ride.

Both the Ownboard and Boosted Mini S are good in handling but the Boosted has got a slight edge over the other. A good feature of the regenerative braking system is present in both the boards. Although the handles of both the boards are great, I will prefer the Boosted in this case due to their reputation and quality.

So, the Boosted wins this one!

Deck and specifications of Ownboard Mini Kt Vs Boosted Mini S

This one is about the deck and the specifications of both the boards which are also considered when buying an electric skateboard.

Deck and specifications of Ownboard Mini Kt Vs Boosted Mini S

The 30-inch long and 9.5-inch wide deck of the Ownboard Mini KT is composed of 8 layers of maple wood with a kicktail. The deck is rigid and inflexible.

The Boosted Mini S, on the other hand, has 29.5 inches long and 11 inches wide triaxial fiberglass deck. The polymer sidewalls on the deep-dish composite deck not only add durability to the board but also prevent the board from getting damaged.

The weight of both the boards is the same, which is 17 pounds.

I will give this round to Mini S as its deck consists of the protective material.

Charging Time

There is no need of charging an electric skateboard every day unless it is used for daily commutes to school or work. Due to this reason, many people might not be impacted by the charging time of the board. But still, it has some significance.

The Boosted Mini S takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes to charge from 0% to 100% while the Mini X takes a bit more time, that is, 1 hour and 45 minutes to get fully charged.

The charge time of the Ownboard mini Kt, on the other hand, is about 2.5 hours.

Keeping in view the charging time of both the boards, it is obvious that the Boosted has won this round as it takes lesser time to get fully charged compared to the Ownboard.

Additionally, if you are curious to know what are the charging time for electric skateboards? Make sure you have read our this comprehensive comparison guide to know the charging time of various electric skateboards.

Ride Modes

Three ride modes are offered by both the Boosted Mini and Ownboard Mini. As there is no significant difference between the both, in this case, this round ends up in a tie.

Hill Climb Rate

If you live in a hilly or mountainous area, then this important feature must be considered while purchasing an electric skateboard.

The Ownboard Mini Kt offers a hill climb rate of up to 30%. It can even glide on some very steep hills, allowing you to enjoy carefree rides on such terrains.

As for the Boosted Mini S/X, the hill climb rate is 20% which is lower than that of the Ownboard. This skateboard still works quite well.

This round goes to Ownboard.

Shipping – Speed, what service

Both the Ownboard mini Kt and the Boosted mini X might take approximately 6 days to arrive and 3 days to ship out. Moreover, the ground shipping rates offered by both of them might almost be the same implying that they might take the same amount of time.

Here is another tie.

Support – Warranty Website Service Replacement

I have not even started the comparison yet and I can already say that this round is for Boosted for sure. In case of any problem, the communication and service that they offer is totally incomparable! Moreover, all their boards come with a 6-month warranty and a 30-day return guarantee. This means that if you are not satisfied with your Boosted board, you can return it within 30 days with a full refund. That’s some amazing service!

Just to add another piece of information, the Boosted can also offer financing for their boards if you are unable to make the full upfront payment.

A great amount of information is available on the Boosted website which is meant to help you in fixing the board and dealing with problems like clicking sounds, speed wobbles, etc. And even then, if you feel like there is still some issue with your board, you can simply send it in for service and get it repaired.

Ownboard, on the other hand, offers quite a short manufacturers’ warranty of only 3 months. Moreover, if you want your board to be fixed under warranty, they will only ship the spare parts and won’t repair the board as the shipping cost is too high for them to send it back after repair. You can find out more about their services on their website.


Both the Ownboard Mini Kt and the Boosted Mini S have very good reviews. Most of the people who reviewed the former loved it found it to be great.

The Decision? About Ownboard Mini Vs Boosted Mini

I have compared both the Ownboard Mini Kt vs the Boosted Mini S and now is the time to pick one. I would say the Ownboard Mini Kt is an easy pick.

Why? Let’s see.

Even though the Ownboard comes from a Chinese company and has a warranty of only 3 months, it is offering you some amazing features and specs at a very low price which is quite commendable.

But don’t let its low price make you think that it lacks quality. It performs very well in terms of range, speed, hill climbing, etc, and will surely provide you with a wonderful riding experience. Its quality can be best described by the fact that if you replace its logo with the Boosted, people would easily believe it to be one of the Boosted’s. You might be thinking that how is all that possible at such a low price? But well! Ownboard has made it possible as they are committed to offering the lowest price to their customers.

In the end, I would like to recommend the readers to give Ownboard Mini Kt or any other Ownboard’s board a try and I am sure they won’t be disappointed. I think people will gradually realize that Ownboard offers some best quality electric skateboards which give great performance at the lowest prices.

I hope this article would prove to be helpful for you in choosing a suitable mini skateboard. Otherwise, you can check out our detailed buyers guide about the list of the best mini electric skateboards in 2021. Good luck and happy skateboarding!

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