9 Tips To Make Riding Your Electric Skateboard More Fun!

Being a pro skateboarder I love to do skateboarding every day. It is the most thrilling and enjoyable activity you will love to do every day. As a pro-skateboarder, I have developed enough skateboarding skills. Because of this, the fast-moving device has become an essential part of my life. Therefore, I take my skateboard everywhere with me to enjoy my time with my love ( the electric skatebaord ). It can help you to save plenty of time that you may have to consume while walking. In this guide, you will learn the 9 best electric skateboard riding tips that will help you to enjoy your skateboarding.

9 Tips To Make Riding Your Electric Skateboard More Fun!

In this modern and fast-moving world you have to save your time and skateboards are one of the precious tools that can help you in this particular task. But, you have to be an expert to utilize them efficiently. Therefore, we have compiled this detailed helping guide that has 9 most effective tips/tricks to help you to make your skateboarding more interesting, exciting as well as more beneficial.

Are you excited? Me too. So let’s jump into it.

9 Tips To Make Riding Your Electric Skateboard More Fun!

The speed with Care!

Speed is the most influential element that attracts people to skateboard. But you have to be careful while using this fast and furious machine. As a pro-skateboarder, I always want to ride my skateboard at its top speed of about 24mph. I can ride on such speed because I had any experience or expertise to handle that device at this thunder speed. So do not try this until you got advanced expertise in handling this fast device. You even do not believe the feelings of that rapid commute but I had to pay the price of such insane activity in the form of a leg fracture. I had an accident with the car coming in the opposite direction. So, again you should not ride your electric longboard on its optimum speed.

In short. It is not a wise decision to do such a mad activity. You should always wear proper protective gear before riding an electric skateboard. Safety gears are mandatory to protect your body because the possibility of falling from a skateboard is always in place but by taking a few protective measures we can ensure our safety.


To achieve the most thrilling and joyful skateboarding experience you have to recharge your battery at its optimum level before the ride. This will ensure maximum torque, good speed, and climbing power.

recharge your electric skateboard regularly

You will notice some electric longboards have the capability to go onto their power-saving mode. As a result, you have to face a slight decrease in their performance to prolong the battery range. Various boards have different levels; some boards drop their performance at 50% while some of the high-quality models do it at their 10% remaining charge. But you have to make sure to plug in your e-board before 0%, otherwise, it might affect the battery performance and its life too. People often search about how long an electric skateboard’s battery last? Go and read this detailed guide to prolong battery life.


As a pro-skateboarder, I always love to make beautiful turns and carves by performing various exciting maneuvers. I recommend you to do some maneuvers instead of skateboarding in a straight line. This will bring some spice into your meal.
To perform such extraordinary inward or outward turns you have to push your body down towards your direction where you want to make the turn. To do this, you have to lean your body towards your targeting heels or toes. By doing such a turn you feel you are making carving lines onto the ground.

Electric skateboard has much more potential for carving than a normal skateboard. It can be done when you have known your board significantly.

More Practice

Carving is not an easy thing to do, but at the same time, it is not as hard as you think. With a little more effort in skateboarding, you can be a master of carving. But you have to do more and more practice. Like, in my early skateboarding days I was not a good skateboarder, in fact when I had first ridden on it, that experience was very pathetic. But with the passage of the time I had developed my control and expertise on my electric skateboard by doing intense practice, In short, you can achieve anything in your life but have to do practice to grab that opportunity first.

More Practice

To become a good skateboarder you have to ride your skateboard as much as you can. Make mistakes, yes believe me by doing little mistakes you will know the right path. Analyze your mistakes, correct them by practicing then come back and when you come back you come back stronger. Remember, this is the key to success.

While practicing, try various new tricks, tips. Check the various online tutorials and learn how to ride. Put your body weight on your front foot to gain maximum control over the electric longboard. This habit will help you to obtain better control while turning your skateboards. The practice also helps you to strengthen your leg, foot, knee and ankle muscles which will be beneficial to attain safe and controlled skateboarding.

Know your board

It is always a good practice to know what features your skateboard has? Because it can help you to perform various maneuvers and stunts as well. Electric skateboards have a great piece of flexibility and you should use it to bring thrilling factors into your skateboarding. The flexible deck makes your ride perfect and comfortable and avoids vibrations that you could get from a hard or rigid deck.

Use each mode and feature that your skateboard has like if your skateboard has ‘pro speed mode’ like Boosted Plus has, or if your skateboard has the extraordinary climbing angle, you should utilize them to gain an ultimate skateboarding experience.

Take care of your board

Good maintenance not only retains the skateboard’s performance but it also helps to prolong its life. Follow these tips regularly to maintain your skateboard’s performance.

Maintain your electric skateboard

  • Tighten your trucks and wheels regularly
  • Ride your board with care and avoid potholes or bad surface/road.
  • Clean your board regularly
  • Use a moderate level of speed to avoid battery overheated.
  • Do not use boards in rain and avoid water.
  • Replace/repair your damaged parts.
  • Regularly do lubrication.
  • Always use the best suitable charger.

Skateboarding with Friends

Skateboarding with friends is an awesome idea. Because with a group of friends you can pass your time quite interestingly. There is also a benefit of riding skateboards with friends that you can learn various tactics by following practicing each other maneuvers. So it is a good idea to skateboard along with your friends.


While riding on skateboards there are no specific places where you have to ride your machines. You can ride skateboards in almost every place. Explore new streets, new locations where you were never before. Skateboarding is far more than just traveling. It gives you an opportunity to explore the various locations where you had not visited before. To ride a skateboard on every terrain you need to have a special electric longboard that can perform not only on plain surfaces but it can also effective on off-road terrains. To find the best off-road electric skateboard go and check out our top picks of all-terrain skateboards in 2021.

Weather Conditions

Check the weather before starting your riding. It is good to skateboard on a bright sunny day. Weather can affect your skateboard badly. Like, many skateboards are water resistant but still, it is not a good idea to bring them in rain or in wet conditions because they are not completely waterproof. Read our comprehensive guide about ” are electric skateboards waterproof ” to learn more about waterproof or water-resistant skateboards. Similarly, to ride your boards into the snow or icy conditions prove dangerous it might slip from the surface so do not ride skateboards in icy conditions. In short, you should ride skateboards according to the weather.

Final Words

To conclude, Skateboarding is not just about commuting, it’s a complete way of living. Skateboarding changes your entire perspective of life. Although people enjoy riding skateboards, with our given tips they can further enhance their expertise. In this article, we have covered various exquisite tricks and tips to take skateboarding to the next level. Like, get familiar with your board features, carving, in what weather you should ride, how to take care of your skateboard, charging tips, how to practice, etc. In short, we try to give you awareness about how you can make riding your electric skateboard more fun? We hope this guide about tips To make riding your electric skateboard will be helpful to you. If you have any suggestions or query feel free to contact us by filling the following comments form. We will be thankful for your feedback.

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