Why Electric Skateboarding is Dangerous

Why Electric Skateboarding is Dangerous – Most Updated Guide

As we all know an electric skateboard is one of the modern ways of commuting but with an intense level of speed. So when we discuss a speed element, we should be aware of its danger too. People often search for the topic of why electric skateboarding is dangerous following you will come to know all the aspects.

The electric skateboard is a valuable source of commuting consist of the combination of powerful motors, batteries, and some other electric components. So, it is the possibility of battery overheating that may cause the fire or even battery blast too. Radio Frequency disruption may also prove dangerous for you while riding on a speedy device. With all of these problems, there is a high possibility of an accident as well, due to the lack of ability/skill to control a fast driven electric skateboard. So, you have to be a responsible rider while riding on this rapid commuting device.

This guide has enlightened on the dangerous aspects of the electric skateboard. So, stay tuned to learn more.


There were some skateboards that got fire due to overheating the batteries. In 2017, there were a couple of cases reported of smoke coming from the skateboards. There were no casualties although. But the main issue was found with boosted dual+ battery skateboards. They were overheated and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission highlighted this situation and give a warning to the manufacturer also.

Normally, It is observed that people are not well aware of this technology’s working procedure.

After the detailed investigation company found this happen due to short circuits when water damaged the wiring system. So company since then try to make their skateboards as much water-resistant as they can and stop mentioning their boards as waterproof. So, it is also the responsibility of the riders to keep maintain their machines as well as use them carefully. Read this comprehensive guide to learn are electric skateboards waterproof or water-resistant.

Regulation & Fines

There are a few questions that surround while searching or buying an electric skateboard. Like, are electric skateboard is legal? Consider as a motor vehicle or bike? Or just count it as a kid’s toy? People also searching about fines and regulations that may apply to them by violating the law and regulations about these electric skateboards. Following we have tried to give you satisfactory answers to your queries. So, keep reading.

In the USA each state has its own regulation and laws over the usage of electric motorized commuting vehicles. There are some states that have allowed these electric skateboards as street-legal while some of the states do not allow these motorized vehicles for usage. Those states that have allowed these motorized devices as a street-legal have conditions like these commuting vehicles do not have speed over 20-25mph.

Similarly, a high amount of fines you have to pay, if you violate the laws and regulations regarding electric skateboards.

People want to adopt such an eco-friendly way of transportation instead of traditional transportation methods for shorter distances. But such regulations and laws create hurdles to transfer the mode of transportation.

Disruption of Radio Frequency

The remote control is the main source to control each electric skateboard’s movement. Which is really obvious, because we are surrounded by the various product that is controlled by digital technologies. This connection with the device and its remote control can be disturbed due to some technical or connectivity issues.

A similar incident had happened with Richo Healey and he blamed hacking for this, first. But after a comprehensive investigation, investigators found a radio frequency disruption was the main reason for this incident. This radio frequency disruption has occurred due to Bluetooth noise.

We have to understand that remote control uses Bluetooth connectivity to drive and control the electric skateboard. So it can happen with us as well because we can not blame this to the manufacturer. Manufacturers have developed these skateboards with lots of consideration to provide the best device to their users. To ensure it is safe enough to ride, they do multiple tests of that particular product to provide an ultimate fun machine to their lovable clients. But this is a machine and a disturbance in electronic signals can happen, often. It is the responsibility of companies that they should resolve these issues to make sure a safe skateboard for their users. If you further want to read detailed analysis about are electric skateboards safe? Check out this thorough guide on this topic.


Accidents are part of life. When you are riding over the machine that can run with an intense speed of more than 20mph the possibility even increases. To minimize the probability of accidents you can ride these electric skateboards on the very designated area as well as wearing proper safety/protective gear. We have published an extensive buyers guide regarding best knee and elbow pads for electric skateboarding to ensure your safety while skateboarding. Please check this guide to learn about the best protective gear.

When you are riding these skateboards within the cities you have to proactive and well aware of your surroundings. This can minimize the possibility of an accident too.

Final Words

In Short, These modern mediums of transportation are an eco-friendly and convenient source but along with such virtues these machines have some dangerous elements too. Like, these skateboard’s batteries can be burn/blast, the remote control can lose the connectivity and possibility of accidents. With all of this danger, skateboards are good and safe enough to become an economical source of commuting. But you have to practice some very simple steps like wearing proper protective gear, be focused by your surroundings while riding at a moderate speed. These steps are mandatory to just make sure you can ride safely on these skateboards. By following these simple steps you can make your skateboarding safe enough. If you aren’t aware of how to ride an electric skateboard read this comprehensive guide to enhance your knowledge.

We hope this guide is helpful for you if you have any suggestion or query feel free to ask through the below comment form. We will appreciate your feedback. Thank you for your precious time.

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